The Crazy Suburban Mom: Want to trade some technorati Link love?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Want to trade some technorati Link love?

If you have claimed your blog on Technorati and want to exchange some link love?

Contact me at

mom at crazysuburbanmom dot com

I will list your blog here if you do the same.

link love

Mama Lynn Mama Says Blog

Based in Atlanta, Join Us In The Kitchen features musings from the Mama Says team — including recipes, favorite things, gift ideas, travelogues, restaurant and product reviews, insights (and laughs) into family life along with fabulous guest essays.

Not the Rockefellers
I've been following her blog for months, how can you not follow a blog sub-titled,
My view of life from the cheap seats? It's poetry, I tell ya.

My Messy Paradise
Where the wild things grow! lol, love that... Her latest post tag is, I'm complaining again. Where we separated at birth, perhaps?

When you get, give. When you learn, teach.- Maya Angelou's grandmother

I re-write my posts. I add pictures. I do bad things in the dark. Sometimes I peek in your windows and steal your underwear off your clothes line, wear it, then put it back.

Mommy's online garage sale

I've been following mommy's online garage sale for
months now! Check it out!

The Self Love Project

Yesterday's style today. Moon Doggie's blog is retro love!


Mama Lynn 8/17/09, 9:29 PM  

Great idea. Count me in!

Not The Rockefellers 8/18/09, 9:37 AM  

Me too!

LZ 8/18/09, 9:38 AM  

Count me in!

@eloh 8/18/09, 12:19 PM  

What is this linky love of which you speak? I'll have to go have a peek.

Ashley 8/18/09, 1:56 PM  

Thanks for the link! :) I diggin you blog!

Jen 8/20/09, 1:11 PM  

I'm in!

Thank You!

MoonDoggie 8/24/09, 6:46 AM  

Thanks for the idea - I'm in too!

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