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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keyword Freak Fest Hello Kitty Giveway

Want to freak yourself out? Find out what keywords are bringing people to your blog.

Hello Kitty is popular. The posts I've done on craft books, too. Chicken recipes seem consistently high. I was surprised to find a lot of hits came from the keywords yag laser and capsule opacity on the posts about my eyes.

Those don't concern me. I'm talking more about the darker underbelly of keywords.

The When did I say that keywords, as it were.

These are searches that picked me up:

  • naughty donna (my apron giveaway)
  • mom crazy party stripper
  • she's got Marty Feldman eyes
  • low-flow toilets
  • toilets
  • I hate toilets (I need to lay off the toilet thing.)
  • whips (It was innocent I tell you. It was a giveaway. Go here if you want to enter.)
  • naughty blogspot
  • pole dancing
  • wanna get lucky

So. I'm not sure what to say... but I want to get back to Hello Kitty. I was going to save the next giveaway till the current one was over but there's no time to waste.

I bought three Hello Kitty Cell Phone charms


And I'm giving them all away at once!

These are really cute and a bit bigger than some other charms. I'll include the strap you need to attach them to a cell phone but you could put one on a necklace or hang one off a purse, too. Oh, I mean your 4 year olds purse. Of course. We are way to mature to walk around wearing Hello Kitty or have her hanging off our cell phones.

As always, Ginger, my 14 year old mini pain, will monitor the giveaway. She dislikes Hello Kitty. She dislikes most things, but Hello Kitty in particular. She felt she was too dignified to monitor a Hello Kitty Giveaway.


She told me so yesterday while scooting across the living room rug.

I told her she didn't have a dignity leg to stand on at the moment. Ultimately, she agreed to monitor the giveaway if I made it about dogs ...And than scooted on into the dining room.

To enter leave me a comment and tell me a funny story about your dog, if you want to tell me about your dog. The dog thing was Ginger's idea not mine.

That's all you have to do. I've been reading other people's blogs and there are many that require lots of other things and ways to get extra entries. I have no idea what to do with that or what to ask and usually if there is a giveaway I want to do, I only enter once. I'm kind of lazy that way. But if you know other things that you've done for extra entries and want to do them? Go for it. Let me know what you've done and how many entries you should have and 'poof' you got 'em.

Ginger will monitor the details, I'm too ADD.

This will run until Tuesday July 26 at 9 pm Eastern Time. Good luck and remember there will be 3 winners this time.


Mommy24cs 7/23/09, 9:37 AM  

Awww, I don't have a dog and I loooooove Hello Kitty :( Can I talk about my cat?? The other day when I went to put Carson to bed, Maggie was sitting in Carson's window but you couldn't see her cause she was behind the blinds and they were closed. Well we must have scared her cause she came falling out of the bottom of the blinds. Carson cracked up and Maggie had the funniest expression like she was ticked off that we scared her. Cats always have such a snotty air about them.

Mommy Words 7/23/09, 10:29 AM  

I will be subscribing in Google Reader. You are funny. I would love lots of entries but I am lazy too...or just preggers who knows? My dog Madeline is not funny. Right now she is actually annoying and crazy. I think she is trying to express her anal glands on my feet. Both of my other pregnancies she will not come near me with a 10 foot pole but this time she just parks that tush right on my tennies and starts wiggling. And I can't get her off!

Lorie 7/23/09, 10:45 AM  

It is always crazy...and a little scary...what people do searches for!!!

And I don't have a dog! :(

msjazzyfresh 7/23/09, 5:20 PM  

I had a dog once who would always run to sit in my favorite spot on the couch whenever she saw me coming. It was like a race to the finish line everytime I came into the living room.

msjazzyfresh 7/23/09, 5:21 PM  

I will be subscribing via feedburner/google reader!

Give me...all of the entries?? LOL

throuthehaze 7/24/09, 2:47 AM  

My dog was so tiny when I got her she fit in the palm of my hand. I had two cats at the time and even though she was a tiny thing she terrorized those poor cats! She wanted to be best friends with one in particular and never gave him peace. Always playing with his tail or running underneath him (yes she was that tiny!) and trying to cuddle with him in his cat bed. He was grudgingly tolerant.

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Vonlipi 7/24/09, 8:04 AM  

How can I know with searches led to my blog? It would be cool/scary to know!

The House Girlfriend 7/24/09, 1:21 PM  

I had a dog from the time I was twelve who was born on my birthday, she was half German Shepherd and half Coyote, so she looked like a miniature German Shepherd with big ol' ears. Not that that's really relevant but at least now you all have a visual. Anyways we had a pond that was sort of attached to a creek in our backyard and you could get her to jump into if you through a ball into it. BUT, she hated the water, so yo could through the ball out far into the pond and she's literally fly across the top of the water out to the middle(no really, she was like flying, it was ridiculous) and the minute she hit the water she'd grab the ball and try to get out but she would look like she was seizing and freaking out the whole time she was swimming. It was just about the funniest looking thing ever! And it was silly, no matter how much she hated the water, she had to have that ball.

Carol in E TN 7/25/09, 11:13 PM  

I don't have a dog, but I have two kitties and I love Hello Kitty! They are so much fun to have around and have very different personalities.

Wendyburd1 7/26/09, 5:22 AM  

Max, my JRT, loves to be taken out to breakfast...everyday. That is thanks to my Dad, who began it, never expecting Max would grow so used to it, that he demanded it every day or would get depressed and cry. So every day someone has to take him in the car, where he brings his ball and plays, barking when he wants someone to throw the ball for him...I took him this morning and my ears are still ringing!!

Lisa 7/27/09, 11:20 AM  

One time my dog ate 8 creme filled Krispy Creme donuts that we accidentally left out. We followed her around for days with a can of carpet cleaner, waiting for the, but there wasn't any. That dog's got a belly of steel.

Nancy 7/27/09, 3:51 PM  

Here's my funny dog story. When I wear a long skirt that's loose and calf length or longer, our Westie named Charlie will gently grab a corner of the skirt in his mouth. He walks along beside me with the skirt edge in his mouth, sort of like we are "holding hands". Charlie is a good dog and is 11 years old!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Mango Girl 7/28/09, 6:56 AM  

I'm laughing...what year does July 26 fall on a Tuesday?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/28/09, 7:02 AM  

Hm. Looks like I typoed that big time. Math and calanders, never my thing. I double check that kind of thing because I've had to edit giveaways twice before because of this...

For catching that you get a prize too :) I don't have another Hello Kitty cell phone charm but if you send your address to me I can send you a different one!

mom @

Candy 7/29/09, 2:48 AM  

No doggie here but I love Hello Kitty!

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