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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wanna get lucky?

Sometimes I enjoy reading Psychology Today. The articles are insightful and thought provoking although I'd rather believe there is something more magical, more ethereal going on than is speculated in the pages of my favorite Psyc Mag.

Psychology Today, while interesting and less textbooky than it used to be, still relies heavily on studies of the great known.

I find the great unknown kinda kicky.


I was laying on the couch trying really, really hard to ignore a commercial for Dance Your Ass Off because they were promoing the Pole Dancing segment. Now, I thought Dance Your Ass Off (Non-Pole Dancing) was the worst concept ever, but I was mistaken.

Pole Dance Your Ass Off is much worse.

I grabbed for anything within reach to occupy my mind for the few agonizing minutes of commercial interruption. I ended up with Psychology Today Magazine, August 2009. One of the cover stories "4 Traits of Lucky People" intrigued me.

lucky people

See, luck fascinates me. Optimism, too. And Pole Dance Your Ass Off was mercifully reduced to a haranguing din in the background.

I agreed with the premise of the article albeit a bit differently here and there and I think the same qualities apply to optimists.

1. Break Routine - Breaking routines is important. It gives you a new perspective and yes, it does offer opportunities. It also helps you learn to deal with and embrace change. When people think of luck, most are thinking of good things they don't have. Getting what you want almost always involves some sort of change.

Change may be the single most important factor in luck.

2. Turn Bad Into Good - Oh! So true and a tough one for me because I have been told I do this too fast. When someone is telling me something awful that happened I'm all in their face (or that is how they feel I'm told) about how it's not that bad, or could have been worse, or this is how to turn it around, or here is how to go ahead, or okay than put a period there and move on.

As my therapist has (had to) gently reminded me about a gajillion times: Tracy, people aren't ready to move on as fast as you.

3. Follow your gut - I've never thought of it this way but it makes sense to me. If you are true to yourself than the decisions you make will always be right for you no matter the outcomes.

4. Look up - Oh yes. I'm like so there. It's like when I say to someone, It's raining and they say, of course it's raining its my day off. I so don't get that. I don't even understand what it's like to live knowing the Universe is conspiring against you. And why?

Do you know what my son calls the parking space closest to anything? Mommy's space. It's sort of a family joke. We will pull into a parking lot go towards the front of the lot and someone will yell, Yep, there's Mommy's space.

And there it is. Right next to the entrance of where we are going. Or not all that far. Now, do I think people drive by that space and go, Oh we can't park there that's Mommy's space? No, I'm not psychotic. Well, not most days. What I do think is most people pull into the lot and take the first space they see because....Why?

There's never a spot in the front, right?

Not me. I just assume that 50% of the parking spaces are near the entrance and 50% of them are farther away. People come and go and the people in the nearer spaces go too.

The difference is I try. That's the only difference. I don't assume things won't go well. That's all it takes.

How 'bout just for today you assume everything will go in your favor?

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Misguided Mommy 7/18/09, 10:01 AM  

oddly, i hardly ever try and look for the front spot...i usually try and park with a lot of empty spots because i have a fear that someone is going to mash my car trying to park. plus sometimes i just like the walk. however, on the weekends i do look and its funny because a lot of time i find a close empty space on the left side of the isle, seems like every one always pulls in looking for the spot directly in front of the door and they are so consumed with that side (the right side) at my smiths they never stop too look just to the left....the spot is always there and what, 6 feet further then the other one...dummies

Kathy B! 7/18/09, 1:37 PM  

I think this is fascinating. And I agree. Attitude, perseverance and hard work are the forces behind a lot of luck.

chicamom85 7/18/09, 3:28 PM  

I also always get the front spot, if its not there I wait lol.

Good advice.

Vonlipi 7/18/09, 7:57 PM  

Well isn't that a coincidence! You writing about that and me going to the mall (I hate the mall) and there was a bigillion people and cars as far as the eye can see and what do you know? A beautiful spot not 25 feet from the entrance!

I try to send (and receive) as much positive energy as I can. I meditate a lot on that.

By the way I sucked all the pink Pyrex from just one Salvation Army, not all! LOL :)

Debbie 7/18/09, 8:38 PM  

I think I often assume I will be lucky too. Makes all the difference.

The Laughing Idiot 7/19/09, 6:22 AM  

I always drive up the aisle toward the store in an attempt to get a good spot. If none are available, I take the first available spot in the next aisle. I'm not a lot creeper - I hate those people.

I'm also an optimist who drives my family nuts when we have to park way down at the end of an aisle. I say things like, "We all could use a little exercise. It's not going to kill you to walk."

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