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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Total weight loss so far with visual

My weight loss total so far

in a girly 3-D visual dramatization.


Why yes, that is a Hello Kitty bowling ball since you asked.

I figure Miss Kitty in the round is about 10 pounds which is what I've lost; around 10 pounds.

My theory is anyone who needs a ball over 10 pounds wouldn't be caught dead hurling Hello Kitty down a lane so chances are they don't make Hello Kitty bowling balls much over 10 pounds.

So, yes. I've lost just over 10 pounds now and I've worked on an eating issue of mine.

Every a meal doesn't have to be the event.

Eating can just be about getting to 'not hungry'. Your company can be the event, your life can be the event... The rolls and butter? They should not be the high point in your day.

This has been a crazy weight loss moment.

Thank you.


The Girlfriend 7/30/09, 5:28 PM  

I'm on the same mission you are!
My goal is 20, and I think I'm down 5, but I started last week, so I'm on a roll.

Good luck to you,and keep it up.
Don't let the chocolate cake, snickerdoodles, and really yummy greasy foods get to you.

Be strong!

sheila 7/30/09, 5:35 PM  

Huh, that's pretty cool! Congrats!

The Gals on the Scale 7/30/09, 7:22 PM  

This is awesome! My bestie and I are starting next week witht he weight loss. I've got a loooong ways to go but I plan on pacing myself.
Keep up the good work lady!

chicamom85 7/30/09, 11:11 PM  

Congratulations! GO, GO, GO! Now if I could just get my brain to believe what you said, I might be ok.


Liza 7/30/09, 11:23 PM  

Congrats on the weight loss! And thanks for coming by my blog -- yours is a lot of fun. I love the retro ads!

(This is Liza of - my Google account won't link properly and I can't seen to make it let me post any other way.)

icedteaforme 7/30/09, 11:39 PM  

congrats on losing that bowling ball!

wishing you continued clarity of mind and exhibition of goals!

Venti Vixen 7/30/09, 11:47 PM  

Awesome, go you!!!

Nichay 7/31/09, 10:05 AM  

That's great!

Kathy B! 7/31/09, 10:59 AM  

Congratulations! That's wonderful!

I keep losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again so I stopped counting them :)

Sandy 8/1/09, 12:11 AM  

congrats and way to go! That's AWESOME!

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