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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roll, roll, roll, your fat away...

I'm combining a WWW update with my new and maybe, but who knows, daily vintage ad moment.

The WWW update is not about the web, I know nothing about the state of the world wide web. The extent of that knowledge ends with whether the green light is blinking on my modem.

My WWW is the Weekly Weight Watcher update. All is well on that front. I stayed within the points and lost .8 pounds. I know people get down when their weight loss is in point-pounds and not actual pound-pounds so I did a search to see what the amount I lost would look like. I found a picture of what a pound looks like (thanks to


Now, this is a pound-pound not point-eight-pound.
But close enough and good riddance!

After looking at that gooey yellow globule up there?
I'm good with my point-almost-pound.

And on to the...


My intention was to find a weight loss or exercise machine ad - there are tons - to compliment my weight loss but than something else happened. I ran across something that I thought was a freaky weird exercise thing. On closer inspection it turned out just to be freaky weird.


I'm a little afraid to comment.

This was in a January, 1961 issue of House Beautiful. I've got all these awful thoughts floating in the gray matter and I keep remembering how I clicked the box that said this blog did not have adult content.

But my mind is boggling. Just. Boggling.

What did the town of Battle Creek, Michigan think of being famous for this? Did every one in Battle Creek have one? Or two? Or enough for a whole cocktail party? And if so, how did you hold your martini while on one these?

Beyond. Me.


The deMented Mom 7/22/09, 1:35 PM  

Omfg! I want one of those! Can you imagine? You could...right there?!!
That's disturbing. Do they still make em? ;-)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/22/09, 2:18 PM  

demented mom, I looked to see if they did. The only listing for battle creek rollers is battle creek roller coaster. Different thing entirely :) I did find one listing somewhere on craigs list...but it was gone. Guess someone else wanted one too


@eloh 7/22/09, 4:32 PM  

Looks like tons o' fun for lonely old ladies.

Anonymous,  7/22/09, 4:59 PM  

How the heck does it do your arms?!?

The Laughing Idiot 7/22/09, 5:24 PM  

That's the biggest vibrator I've ever seen!

@eloh 7/22/09, 6:42 PM  

Alright, I'll admit it if no one else is going to.

That lemon custard you are holding looks yummy, and yes I'd eat it right out of your hands.

Yes, I know I'm pathetic. It's me. Nuff said.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) 7/22/09, 7:30 PM  

Love that you found this! Congrats on the .8 loss!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) 7/22/09, 7:31 PM  

That contraption looks like a lot of fun...and dangerous.

JUST ME, THE MOM 7/23/09, 1:15 AM  

Good luck with the WWW thing! Hope you have a great week - and keep us updated:)


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