The Crazy Suburban Mom: The Kitchen from Hell... I Mean 1962

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Kitchen from Hell... I Mean 1962


I've decided to do a feature called Retro Tuesday from now on ( or until the supply of old women's magazines purchased at a recent estate sale stops amusing me). The magazines are like some sort of deranged housewives time capsule into the late 40's - early 60's.

I picked up all the mags I could carry (about 10), paid, went back for the others and someone else had grabbed up the rest. Such is life at an estate sale. But the ones I did get are so interesting. So many ads for things I take for granted, like water heaters - which I'm guessing was an option in homes. And washing machines, dryers and dishwashers; which I know were options.

This is an ad from a 1962 House Beautiful. The main story was fantastical - A multi-page spread called Houses that Float. House boats. It's pretty amazing but so not applicable to...well, almost everyone. And in a time when there are still ads touting the need extension phones? Bizarre.

Here is today's ad.

Tappan Appliance Ad

It's really red, isnt' it?

Normally I love retro kitchens and I was looking for something drool-worthy but this stopped me in my tracks. It's just so crazy. So intense.



I don't think I could cook in there. I don't think I could even stand in there for any length of time without getting a migraine.

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julochka 7/7/09, 8:10 AM  

i went opposite in my kitchen...cupboards are white, but the fridge is red. :-) and the kitchenaid. and the blender. and the kettle. and a few tiles. but that's it. :-) i promise.

Vonlipi 7/7/09, 9:12 AM  

I love the Pyrex Flameware pot on the stove!

When I bought my house(1995) everything was white in my kitchen, but with red accents...RED blinds, red cupboard handles,red paper towel holder. Oh man the floor was white! you looked at it and it got dirty! UGH!

beth 7/7/09, 2:15 PM  

i wish i had the kind of life in mhich i could use a serving cart liek that. sigh. totally agree about the "redness" of that kitchen, too.

The Laughing Idiot 7/7/09, 3:56 PM  

It looks like a tomato expolded in her kitchen! I love the color red, but that's going a bit far :)

Lins 7/7/09, 4:26 PM  

I heard somewhere that red is a color that induces hunger and stimulates the appetite. Do you think they were hip to all that subliminal marketing way back when? :)

Thanks for visiting GM, and for the sweet comment you left! Have a great day!

Veronica Lee 7/7/09, 5:57 PM  

If I'm not mistaken, red is a bad colour choice for the kitchen!!

@eloh 7/7/09, 11:39 PM  

I'm having such a time figuring out that last post my head is spinning, I'm afraid to look at this kitchen, I may be laying on the floor foaming at the mouth.

Venti Vixen 7/8/09, 12:46 AM  

Red for candy = good. REALLY red for kitchen = notsogood.

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