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Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm thinking about doing Retro Tuesday...

And yes, I know it's only Monday but I'm getting my thoughts together and seeing how it looks.

I got all these great magazines, mostly 50's era woman's magazines. I've been pouring through them for the last few day and besides drooling over the decor; the ads are a scream. And some of the jello concoction recipes are horrifically funny. I thought I might post something from a magazine on:


On the first go around on the magazines I've been taken with the sheer number of Milk of Magnesia ads. And the approaches...


Too much eating, too much smoking= take a laxative.


She should have never married him = she needed a laxative all the time.


Going on vacation (heck, leaving home at all?) = take a laxative.


If drinking it isn't enough you can always apply it.

It's sort of a weird PR campaign for me. They make it seem like taking Milk of Magnesia is about having a better life. But if your taking it several tablespoons at night as they are suggesting... can you even have a life? Away from home? For any length of time?


beth 7/6/09, 6:10 PM  

hahaha! i love "will she still turn heads at 37." as if you are heading for the old age home at 37. so funny!

Christa 7/6/09, 6:52 PM  

Oh wow.
I think I need to go buy some Phillips now, maybe I'll be able to keep my house clean.

El 7/6/09, 7:52 PM  

Eva feels "frisky as a colt" from Pepto Bismol? Imagine if Tom had given her oysters in dark chocolate sauce!

El 7/6/09, 7:58 PM  

Ooops, premature comment publishing. Sorry, I'm very excited because I just took 50 Maalox...

Anyway, love this, love the idea of Retro Tuesdays, maybe some time you could even have a captioning contest! (Personally if I ever win I'd like Ginger as my prize!)

@eloh 7/6/09, 10:27 PM  

Okay okay okay.....I get so excited.... the last frame of the "He never should have married me"...she should have been standing at the door in the nude when he came rollin' in from work...maybe wearing that see through apron that is up for grabs.

Confession....there were these secretaries..(high level...the highest) who were convinced that Preparation H was the beauty cream of the century....yes I tried it...I put ass cream on my face...just made me feel like an ass if not look like one.

Vonlipi 7/6/09, 10:38 PM  

Wow I need a big jug of milk of magnesia! I'm sure it will make me loose weight,pay my bills and give me a perpetual glow....I'm going to the store right now!

Jessica and Michael 7/6/09, 10:41 PM  

These are so great! I love them :)

illahee 7/6/09, 11:41 PM  

i remember taking MOM when i was a child. really chalky...not something i want to take every night!

hilarious ads! especially funny (to me) was the frisky as a colt line....

chicamom85 7/7/09, 4:07 AM  

Its good to know that I can eat a "whale of a dinner" and get rid of it later. I feel better now. Those are too funny, thanks.


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