The Crazy Suburban Mom: Hello Kitty Winners!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Kitty Winners!

Hello kitty giveaway on my blog

The winners of the Freakfest Keyword Hello Kitty Giveaway are:

Vonlipi is my sister in Pyrex except her Pyrex is way better. Her blog is Vonlipi's Favorites.

Lisa who's blog is Cheerios Underfoot and has a dog like I once did. Skye ate, among other things, a box of uncooked Bisquick, a can of general foods international coffee, an entire ice cream cake, and a plastic tape dispenser (with the tape).

Nancy who's dog Charlie sounds adorable!! And I can just picture her and Charlie holding 'hands'!

Congratulations ! Email with your address and I'll send you Hello Kitty


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