The Crazy Suburban Mom: She's got Marty Feldman eyes...

Monday, June 8, 2009

She's got Marty Feldman eyes...

Apparently my dilated left eye is disturbing my son.


OMG - Ma, that's hideous. How longs it gonna be like that?

Like what?

Ginormously alien.

Sometime tomorrow it should be back to normal.

Ma, could you not look at me with that eye until than. It's freaking scary.

How 'bout I look at you with my right eye and try to point the left one in another direction?

(Like that won't quadruple the freak-factor by a bizarre mile.)


chicamom85 6/8/09, 5:56 PM  

I am glad you are ok and trust me its not that bad lol.


@eloh 6/8/09, 7:27 PM  


Vonlipi 6/8/09, 8:22 PM  

Teens will be teens! Don't worry it doesn't look that bad! :)

Venti Vixen 6/8/09, 10:58 PM  

Bwahahaha! Glad it went well!

Stacie 6/8/09, 11:34 PM  

LOL your son is too funny! Sounds alot like mine. Hope all is normal in the morning. Stopping by from Harriet's Comment Challenge.

beth 6/9/09, 1:16 PM  

hahahaha! hope it clears up soon!

The deMented Mom 6/10/09, 3:09 PM  

hehehehehe! I just love how the littlest thing a parent does grosses their progeny out. Hope it goes back to normal the title but now I have Bette Davis Eyes in my head!

Christina 6/10/09, 10:33 PM  

LOL!! won't be concerned with that dialated one anymore though!

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