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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No matter how smart you think you are? Your kids smarter...

My son spent much of the last week eye rollin' me.

I kept telling him, be positive. That he had to stop with the dire predictions about rain on graduation (You can read about it here and here). That he needed to put the brakes on negative thoughts about rain and start telling the Universe what he wanted. I thought he wasn't listening.

Until yesterday.

Me: Could you do me a favor and drive one of the cars somewhere?

Him: I'm really tired, ma, can't you?

Me: Please?

Him: I have to work and I'm tired already.

Me: I'll give you $10. (I was really tired)

Him: Bribery, ma? Forget it, I just got money for my birthday, your 10 means nothing to me.

Me: Please? (That 'please' had an 'E' about 5 seconds long.)

Him: (He looked at me, smiled, and said) Why don't you ask the Universe to drive the car over there for you?

I almost laughed out loud, and although I ached to wipe that smug little grin off his face, I was secretly pleased.... and did take the car.


I am Harriet 6/23/09, 5:21 AM  

Hi Tracy.
Thanks for coming by again. I remembered reading your email but, I wasn't sure what I had done with it. Total duh moment. Send me your email again so that I can respond. thanks.

Marsha 6/23/09, 9:20 AM  

heheheeheh, they get smarter with age. Either that or they just listen and use it against you

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