The Crazy Suburban Mom: The Jamacian Declutter Fest 2009 or if it's Day 2 it must be time to bug the dog

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Jamacian Declutter Fest 2009 or if it's Day 2 it must be time to bug the dog

Gee, I feel productive.

I've filled enough Hefty bags to feel accomplished but not so many I will feel like a whackadoo bringing them to the curb.

It's a good, satisfied, happy feeling.

Ginger's feelings are another story.

She is quite bored with the whole Fest 2009 thing and generally annoyed at me.

boring day

I just washed the blankets and pillows from her crate.

She much prefers them to smell like pee-pee.

Current Hefty Bag Tally



Vickie 6/25/09, 2:13 PM  

My daughter is the same way. She would rather her baby doll smelled like peepee too. She crys the whole time it is in the wadher and dryer. Kids and dogs:)

Mommy24cs 6/25/09, 2:38 PM  

You made it to day 2?? I humbly bow down to you, the queen of cleaning for your commitment to such a task. I would have done given up about 6 trash bags ago, shut the door and walked away lol ;p

Kathy B! 6/25/09, 2:50 PM  

7 bags? That's respectable!! Good work... doesn't it feel goooood :)

Anonymous,  6/25/09, 5:02 PM  

You rock;)

chicamom85 6/25/09, 5:27 PM  

A note from my dog Sasha: Please leave Ginger's stuff alone. We work very hard to get our belongings to smell just right to us. After all they do belong to us don't they and we should have them the way we want them. Now Ginger will have to start all over again. Please confine your "cleaning" to your things. I am sorry but that is just how I feel.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

The Crazy Suburban Mom 6/25/09, 5:32 PM  

Vickie - thats too funny! lol

Mama24cs - The truth is, I do less than I used to. that post I wrote about not wanting to herniate a disk again? True. And painting whole rooms? Also true. I used to move furniture between floors... I was a lunatic. Ive really toned it down to just cleaning and no major construction :)

KathyB - YES! feels great!

Thanks mama!! We all do :)

Sasha, sasha, sasha.. I know it makes sense to you and ginger but it pains me to live in a pee pee house. Im so sorry


Zeemaid 6/25/09, 8:40 PM  

wow I am absolutely amazed that you gave up a Jamaican vacation to stay home and clean. I do get the alone time thing. I treasure it too.. only I'd like to be the one going to Jamaica by myself and leave them home to do the cleaning.

Good for you though. It must feel great to be accomplishing so much.

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