The Crazy Suburban Mom: It's darkest before the dawn (or the Master Bedroom is almost done)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's darkest before the dawn (or the Master Bedroom is almost done)

As the sun gently begins setting in NJ I'm ten hours into the Jamaican Declutter Fest 2009.

The master bedroom was truly awful. More truly awful than it was during the Jersey Shore Declutter fest of 2008. To keep it real... it hasn't been cleaned in over a month due to constant occupation, both day and night. The recent knee surgery and subsequent recuperation made this room impossible to deal with. Dusting would have been difficult; vacuuming would have been cruel and unusual. But I hadn't realized I'd bagged all cleaning until I actually started cleaning it.

What a surprise.

And a reaffirmation that ignorance is bliss.

I don't expect any other room to be this drastic although the Master Bath, which I didn't start yet, is sure to be it's own little slice of freak show.

Current Hefty Bag Tally



Mommy24cs 6/24/09, 6:50 PM  

LOL, love the trash bag tally hahah.

I am Harriet 6/24/09, 6:51 PM  

Hi there.
Neat post.Wish I had stock in Hefty myself:)
I'm checking in to see if you are interested in doing the Comment Challenge next month.
Stop by my site and check out the poll or leave me a comment.

@eloh 6/24/09, 7:54 PM  

5 and are wearing me out, I'll go take a nap for ya...k

The Crazy Suburban Mom 6/24/09, 8:24 PM  

Mommy24c - Hopefully it stays under 10 before garbage day or I will be way embarrassed!

Harriet, I'm in, left a comment :)

eloh - I'm wearing me out :)


Vonlipi 6/24/09, 9:00 PM  

I believe you wear your moniker well...You're a mom, you live in suburbia and you are crazy as a loon!

What kind of nasty stuff lurks in your bedroom girl??? 5 trash bags? Did you leave any clothes for your spouse "the Bionic Knee"??? You are too much! Come and clean in my basement pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee.....

The Crazy Suburban Mom 6/24/09, 11:26 PM  

Vonlipi - the thing is I kind of live with packrats. And I put up with it all year cause I know once (sometimes twice) a year I'll have this opportunity to pitch it all. This year was just especially awful cause the room hasnt been gone thru in like a month. I mean....ugh. I didn't even start throwing out clothes yet. Or the expired lotions, creams, meds, etc... I usually get a bag of those things. But I'm not doing the master bath tomorrow. I think I'll move on the the kitchen maybe. Also a source of lots of bags, unfortunately. But I want to get to the kitchen tomorrow cause friday is garbage day...

Venti Vixen 6/24/09, 11:30 PM  

Okay, I would been in Jamaica - but that's just me. When you are done there, I have a whole shitload of hefty bags you can come fill over here!

Did you get my email?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 6/24/09, 11:38 PM  

Venti, Oh shoot, I thought I answered you! Yes, I did get your email. Things have been nuts here with packing the last few days and than today the cleaning. I will get everything out tomorrow :) And I know...most people would have gone on vacation! But I really felt the need to just be alone and get things 'done' around here


Veronica Lee 6/25/09, 12:10 AM  

Good luck with the cleaning. Hope you get everything done by tomorrow!!

Six Feet Under Blog 6/25/09, 10:38 AM  

I think we pay Hefty's employees paychecks with all the garbage bags we go through!

Laura 6/25/09, 4:13 PM  

I still am having some trouble processing that you opted to clean instead of going to Jamaica!! My mind cannot fathom such things

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