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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm having a Pyrex Giveaway, Mon!

I'm not very social and need a lot of alone time so I don't do a lot of mingling that other people probably enjoy.

My family is used to me.

So, while the family is currently packing for Jamaica... Weighing the merits of zip-lining vs. seeing Dunn's River Falls...Trying to negotiate the FAA liquid limits...And generally getting their Jamaican ducks in a row, Mon.

I'm happily anticipating which room to start on.

For the last eight years I've passed on summer vacation to stay home and throw out everyone's accumulated crap, rearrange the furniture, faux finish the house and vacuum at 2 a.m. if I'm up and the spirit move me.

The first annual declutter fest resulted in so many bags of garbage (22) not only didn't I think the garbage guys would haul them away but I was mortified by the sheer volume of 33 gallon trash bags waiting at the curb. What kind of family accumulates 22 bags of garbage in 4 days they would think. What are they trying to get rid of? I'm sure there was much neighborhood speculation about that wall of garbage. What was in all those bags? Government secrets? Bodies?

My therapist - I talked about the garbage bag equivalent of Mt. Everest during a session that week - told me when she left a lot of garbage she always left a 6-pack of beer on top of the pile. At first this sounded like a great idea but on my way to the liquor store I had second thoughts. I began to envision a multi-ton garbage truck with a crew of garbage guys belting back a few. The truck was weaving down the road, giddy garbage guys hanging off ... Flotsam and jetsam spewing out the back...When one of the hallucinatory garbage-guy figments fell off the hood of the truck during an especially entertaining rendition of YMCA, I turned around and went home.

That garbage day I stood behind my closed door and watched out the peep-hole, thinking with every bag they would just throw their hands up and move on to the next house. They just took it. They didn't look at the garbage, than at my door, point and laugh. They didn't stand around and appear to be discussing what in the world could that family be getting rid of. They didn't seem to notice at all.

Each year there has been less and less thanks to my annual declutter fest and I no longer feel like I'm trying to dispose of bodies on garbage day.

In honor of the annual purge fest I've decided to have another giveaway! I was trying to figure out what to give away and realized I hadn't had a pyrex giveaway in a while so I asked Ginger what she thought. Ginger thought I should have a Tazzy giveaway...


"No one's allowed any love around here but me."

...In the end she had to just be satisfied that I wasn't giving away her muffins or snausages.

So here is my newest lazy gals giveaway.


It's a blue PYREX 401 BOWL!

This is one of the small bowls (no size on the bottom) that usually came with a set. This would have been the smallest size, I believe. Not the size of a family bowl of popcorn; more the size of a veggie side dish or small salad.

I got this at an estate sale and it's not new (in fact it's probably pretty old), there a a few flaws but it's a great bowl with a fabulous blue color!

I thought I'd use it but it really doesn't go with my kitchen. And my family is sort of at me about the estate sale thing.

A bit.

Kind of.

Okay, well, a lot recently. As in... Gee, I really wish we had a room for all your crap, I mean, treasures.

So for all you lazy gals here's the rules:

Comment by Friday, June 26th, 9 P.M. Eastern time and tell me what color your kitchen is! Mines on the yellow/gold side and I really have to stop buying pyrex that isn't!

One comment per person. As always, Ginger, my 14 year old mini pain will be monitoring the comment section for anyone commenting more than once.


If I can wake her...

***It would really help me if you include your email address with your comment and subscribe to comments on this post so you know if you win***


Kathy B! 6/23/09, 11:02 AM  

I love your idea of sending the family off while you attack the house in peace. That is a seriously brilliant idea!

And I'm glad you aren't giving away poor Tazzy :)

throuthehaze 6/23/09, 2:25 PM  

My kitchen is green
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Anonymous,  6/23/09, 2:34 PM  

I love mixy-matchy things. Each new piece I buy is a different color than the next! My kitchen is exposed brick. :D


notworthwriting 6/23/09, 3:23 PM  

i would love to win is my husband´s favourite color...maybe that will make him want to cook

Sula Lee 6/23/09, 3:36 PM  

Loved your post!! Although, I think you should go to Jamaica!! Fun, fun, fun!!! I'm jealous!

chicamom85 6/23/09, 3:46 PM  

Very nice post as always. I had a pipe break under my sink so right now my kitchen is "mess" color while I am waiting for the insurance guy to come and check it out. Normally though it is soft peachy colors. I am sure Ginger will wake up if anyone tries to cheat.


@eloh 6/23/09, 4:21 PM  

What a great idea! I haven't even gone to the restroom in nearly forty years without someone either in there with me or standing at the door in various degrees of duress.

Anonymous,  6/23/09, 4:31 PM  

Woah you can send them away and you stay home??BRILLIANT woman!!!Never ever woulda thunk of that LOL
My kitchen is full of gray slate,blues and mushroom color..Ok that's crap it's beige but mushroom sounds better LOL

Anonymous,  6/23/09, 5:41 PM  

I haven't chosen my kitchen colors yet for The Stone House, but I like a bright kitchen so maybe whites and creams.

Nichola 6/23/09, 6:14 PM  

My kitchen is red(just like a Maker's Mark bottle) I have black and white appliances and accent with dishes from the atomic era. Thanks for this chance.

robin_titan 6/23/09, 6:47 PM  

My kitchen is just plain ol' white. :)

I'd love to try and win this for my niece! :)

Cathy 6/23/09, 6:59 PM  

My kitchen is blue and white. So that bowl would match perfectly :)


The Laughing Idiot 6/24/09, 4:22 PM  

I seriously need my family to go away for awhile so I can do this. That said, I would rather lay around on the couch and watch the people on HGTV de-clutter.

I love the blue bowl! My kitchen is yellow, brown, & olive. Right now, that sounds very 70's-ish, but I swear it isn't.

Tazzy - Pick me! Pick me!

Heather 6/25/09, 12:24 AM  

It's so lovely! My kitchen is a caribbean blue(soft cool blue)!

heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

Christa 6/25/09, 9:02 AM kitchen is blue! Pick me!

Zeemaid 6/25/09, 8:37 PM  

my kitchen is currently gold/brown colour but my favourite and hopefully the next kitchen I move into will be blue. I love a blue kitchen. That bowl's perfect for me. :)

CookieMonster 6/25/09, 9:12 PM  

My kitchen is a nice dark green color. I have deocorated with red coffee-themed decor. It goes well with the '80s brick backsplash.

But I want to paint it blue.

As much as I try to get away from it, my absolute favorite color is blue. I know it's boring - so all the decorators tell me. But, I've decided to embrace me. I love blue.

So, hey, your bowl would be awesome! And believe you me, I'd get a lot of use out of it.

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