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Monday, June 15, 2009

Beam me up, Scotty, I'm having a pivotal moment giveaway...

Pivotal moments come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fun, some are sad and some are a freak-show in a bowl. Here are some of mine:

1. The glass-encased head pivotal moment.

When I was about 2 years old my sister was born and my dad took me to the hospital to shove her in my face. They wheeled out a glass crib with what I was told was my NEW BABY SISTER DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HER?

I looked in the crib and saw a pink blanket attached to a giant, bald head which I immediately disliked. I didn't realize that my sister wasn't a giant bald glass-encased head until my mother brought her home.

I didn't like her any better knowing she had a body.

2. The Japanese food pivotal moment.

When I was 9 years old we moved to one of the little red dots in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the globe below.

We lived on the Kwajalein red dot for 2 years and it was about as far from New Jersey (in every way) as one could get. I loved living on that tiny island. I loved living feet from the ocean no matter where I went. And I loved the new foods I was learning about much to the chagrin of my mother who spent two years yelling, DON'T EAT THAT. She was especially horrified by raw tuna, teriyaki turtle, and spam fried rice. She did however let me eat siamin (The Hawaiian version of ramen) everyday for lunch. I developed a lasting love of Japanese food on Kwajalein.

3. The OMG, it's got eyes pivotal moment.

I went to a seafood restaurant in my 20's and despite being an adventurous eater early on I had always eaten food that was sliced, diced or otherwise made to not look like what it came from. When my stuffed lobster showed up at the table whole, with it's antennae and eyes intact?

Not only couldn't I eat it but I became a vegetarian and remained one until my pregnancy forced me to eat baloney.

I thought of nothing but baloney morning, noon and night and by my sixth month Soy-loney wasn't cutting it.

4. The and speaking of my pregnancy pivotal moment...

Being pregnant was a freaky thing. Knowing there was an actual human in there? Growing? Freaky and pivotal. However it paled in comparison to the day they actually pulled a live human from me. I felt like Sigorney Weaver.

5. The was that my son that just passed me? Pivotal moment.

Despite the fact that my son turned 18 last week, I continue to delude myself. I keep thinking how amazing it is to have a child that old, me being only 23 and all. I always come to the same conclusion. He couldn't possibly be that old; it must be a weird clerical error or a hole in the space-time continuum.

This morning I was driving north, minding my own business and damn if my son didn't pass me going south on the same road. I was afraid it would be like on Star Trek when matter and anti-matter meet and the Universe ceases to exist as we know it... After a gigantic explosion.

But the moment passed without a major dilithium crystal mishap.

It was a Holy Crap-cakes pivotal moment if ever there was one and I feel about 20 years older than I did last week.

However... In honor of my son's birthday and my love of Japanese food I'm having another cell phone charm giveaway! This time I'm giving away 3 separate cell phone charms so I'll have 3 winners to the giveway...

Here they are!




As always Ginger, my 14 year old Mini-pain will monitor the giveaway...


If I can keep her from eating the little charms.

She thinks they look darned yummy...

The rules:

One entry per person... A comment is an entry...

Okay, that's it, one entry per person.
If you want to share a pivotal moment, cool beans! If not, cool beans too.

The giveaway will run until 9:00 pm Eastern Time, Thursday June 18.

I will randomly pick three comments and randomly give the charms. Sorry, but
you can't pick the charm...

I buy my charms from STRAPYA, you can check them out here


icedteaforme 6/15/09, 1:12 PM  

too funny! love the humor...I want a charm, I will keep it secret which one makes me swoon, in hopes that ginger is getting my mind meld message and will properly alot me a prize!

happy week to you the miracle 23 year old mom of an 18 year old, when are you on oprah? lol

chicamom85 6/15/09, 1:15 PM  

I really enjoyed reading this post, I especially love the baby sister part.


beth 6/15/09, 2:06 PM  

very funny post! when i was on my honeymoon, we went to the seafood restaurant and i ordered shrimp and they came to the table with heads and eyes. luckily, it was an all inclusive, so we snuck out of that restaurant and went to one where they served steak. no eyes arrived with that meal.

TheClayMuse 6/15/09, 2:17 PM  

Love the pivotal moment list! And the charms are too cute, the dessert one is totally my fave, and now I want a jellyroll damn it!

JUST ME, THE MOM 6/15/09, 2:58 PM  

Fun post - my baby just graduated and is turning 18 next month. So I'm kind of heading into a pivotal moment full blast - not sure how well I'm handling it.


Misguided Mommy 6/15/09, 3:05 PM  

crap. all of these charms just made me hungry. I love the ramen one but desert mmmmmm desert YES PLEASE!

@eloh 6/15/09, 3:47 PM  

Pivotal moment of embarrassment, telling my eighteen year old son...he had another sibling on the way.

Vonlipi 6/15/09, 4:15 PM  

Adorable charms!!! I WANT them all!!! Bwahahahaha (maniacal laugh). I had one about 14 years ago (pivotal moment). The it's not yellow? moment. When we bought the house I was positive it was yellow, when I realized it was beige I cried, yep bawled my eyes out! Silly rabbit!

Veronica Lee 6/15/09, 5:53 PM  

Love the pivotal moment list and the charms!!

I am Harriet 6/15/09, 6:21 PM  

GREAT post!
I'm just stopping by to see how the comment challenge is going.
Happy commenting!

illahee 6/15/09, 6:46 PM  

oh, that shoyu ramen charm is ADORABLE!!

(please don't enter me in the giveaway. i already have more charms than i know what to do with!!)

Anna See 6/15/09, 8:16 PM  

you got me thinking of pivotal moments. way cool!

throuthehaze 6/15/09, 8:43 PM  

the charms are so adorable!

The Laughing Idiot 6/15/09, 9:46 PM  

Funny post!

My most pivotal moment was registering my baby for kindergarten. It's amazing how fast time flies. Oh, great, here come the tears . . .

Deb 6/15/09, 10:16 PM  

Is it pivotal that this is the first I've heard that cell phone charms exist? Loved the list, especially the glass-encased baby head.

Venti Vixen 6/16/09, 2:37 AM  

"until my pregnancy forced me to eat baloney"

OMG, that was great. I almost want to write a pivotal moment blog now....

notworthwriting 6/16/09, 1:45 PM  

so cute, would love to have this. thank you for the giveaway. every time i see a picture of ginger it reminds me of how much i hate traveling and how i wish i had a dog. thanks again =)

Miss Ann Thrope 6/17/09, 8:53 AM  

Kwajalein was the best! I was there twice (first for a couple of years not long after I was a big hairy head of fresh babyhood) and during a couple of "wonder years" (2nd & 3rd grade there, left right before turning 9). It's weird, isn't it? Kwaj gets in you and doesn't let go.

Once, during college years, after apparently frothing too much to a new friend about Kwaj ("on Kwajalein it was either always sunny or rainy" "on Kwajalein the movies were free" "on Kwajalein the pool was salt water" "on Kwajalein I walked and biked everywhere" blah, blah, blah), she finally exclaimed, "So, what kind of drug is this Quajuhlin?"

Well, I do jones for a return trip.

Luscious Deals Reviews 6/17/09, 12:04 PM  

cool post, tracy:) the glass encased baby ramen noodles..the desert looks yummy:)

Anita 6/17/09, 8:07 PM  

Pivotal moment of I'm really pregnant.............
After two years of infertility treatments, tests, meds, more tests, on me on hubby, post coital tests, my kitchen and bathroom looking like a science experiment gone wrong..........I was pregnant, it was all sinking in, about 11 weeks after conception ultrasound to just confirm things were ok showed not one, but TWO babies...........oh heck yeah I'm pregnant!
I love the little charms, and your blog is every so charming.

Kathy B! 6/18/09, 12:28 PM  

This pivotal moment concept is really great! When you look at it like that you really can narrow it down to life's pivotal moments. I'm going to have to ponder some of my own...

And I love that you got to live overseas on an island. That's COOL.

Six Feet Under Blog 6/18/09, 2:14 PM  

I love the baby sister story and I love those charms-count me in to try to win!

Digital Scraps Etc 6/20/09, 1:36 AM  

great post! life's pivotal true! My son walked down the hall today at school - last day of middle school - and he looked like a giant coming towards me! Where has the time gone!!!

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