The Crazy Suburban Mom: Who won the pyrex giveaway??

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who won the pyrex giveaway??

The Pyrex bowl winner...

pyrex givaway

As picked by a random number generator on Random.Org

And monitored by Ginger...

why are you taking my picture?

(Who kept her eye on the whole procedure because I was holding a Snausage.)



Contact me -

me (dot) parler (at) gmail (dot) com

I will be doing this again soon with a new estate sale find!


Nicole Feliciano 5/17/09, 9:26 PM  

Can I hire Ginger to oversee my contests! What a cutie.

tracy 5/18/09, 10:50 AM  

Nicole - Ginger is a great asset to my contests :)

as long as I am holding a snausage!


parentingBYdummies 5/18/09, 11:32 AM  

A Pyrex bowl?! How the heck did I miss this? I love Pyrex, and bowls because they hold food, which I love:) I'll have to check back soon for more awesome food holding giveaways!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) 5/18/09, 1:17 PM  

Congrats Cindi!

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram 5/18/09, 10:38 PM  

Yay! I luv vintage pyrex! Thanks so much! And give my best to Ginger!

Katy 5/19/09, 10:02 AM  

Awww...come on, you're not giving away that fantastic pink hamper in a giveaway!!! I would create several fake blogs in order to ensure victory over that!

tracy 5/19/09, 10:07 AM  

parentingbydummies - I am going to do it again!

Katy - LOLOL! That hamper... I don't know what to do with that hamper. I love it to pieces but it doesnt go. I want to use it but am afraid someone will drop kick something in it...or into it...and all the pink goodness with be dented.

I half want to try and sell it but professionally packing a shipping a hamper that is feet tall?

I'm stuck.

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