The Crazy Suburban Mom: Where the heck is my vegetable peeler?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Where the heck is my vegetable peeler?

I'm making chicken soup this morning.

I wanted to add some carrots and I wanted to peel them but the peeler wasn't where it normally is. (Beside the silverware.)

So I moved on to the utensil drawer.


What the heck is all this crap?

I looked through the drawer; no peeler. Where is that thing?

And more importantly...What the heck is all that crap?


Any guesses?


You put peeled warm hard boiled eggs in this, close the cover
and when they come out...
They are shaped like hearts.

Seemed like a good idea at the time but it wasn't.
It was a stupid idea.
After I got it I remembered my son stopped eating hard boiled eggs in 7th grade.

Ma, don't give me eggs anymore.


No one will sit next to me at lunch. They are calling me the kid with the stinky lunches.



I'm not sure exactly but it's shaped like a bird and has something
to do with squeezing lemons.



I haven't an idea in the world what this is.

Do you?


Nut picks?

I can't remember the last time I needed a nut pick..
much less a spare.

And this?




And these?


Those are things used to shape hot dogs. Mini hot dogs.
The size of Vienna Sausages.
Which I've never bought in my life.

But if I ever do I can shape one into an octopus, a tulip, a penguin and...something else.

The moral of this story?

I can squeeze a lemon with the back end of a bird but I still can't peel a carrot.


Rachel 5/22/09, 9:32 AM  

LOL @ "nut pick".

I've got all kinds of crazy gadgets in my utensil drawer, too. I never use half of them, but can't bring myself to throw them away. I think that one above the nut picks is some kind of slicer for hard boiled eggs?

You know what's really scary? When you lose your scissors. Not only because now you can't cut whatever it is you want to cut, but because your scissors are loose in a house with small kids!

Anonymous,  5/22/09, 9:48 AM  

Oops, I thought the egg slicer was a cat litter scoop. Not a mistake a cat owner wants to ever make!
-- El

Christa 5/22/09, 10:04 AM  

ok so those last two pictures...the writing is in a different language! And the first that really what it is, or are you guessing?
I am however greatful that I am not the only one who is scared to blindly reach into my utensil drawer.

tracy 5/22/09, 10:14 AM  

Rachael, and egg slicer? you think? Could be, never thought of that :)

And the scissors - thats a whole other junky drawer :)

El, Oh. lol... yeah I can see that!

Christa - No the first one, the egg thing. It really is what I said. And so are the last things... very popular things in japan actually...


Karen 5/22/09, 10:35 AM  

LMAO! I think I've seen some of those on late night infommercials!!

The Laughing Idiot 5/22/09, 10:44 AM  

Very funny! I don't know what half the junk is in my utensil drawer. My husband buys stuff for one time uses and then they stay FOREVER, because "you'll never know when we're going to need that again." Nevermind it only cost $2.

kiddiescorner 5/22/09, 12:03 PM  

OMG you crack me. I look forward to your posts everyday! My drawer looks the same don't feel bad.

tracy 5/22/09, 12:10 PM  

Karen - Could be...some of it is that sort of stuff. Altho, did you see the candle? What the heck am I doing with a candle in a drawer anyway?

The laughing idiot - and can I call you something other than that? I feel bad calling you an idiot all the time :) And your right, thats exactly it... maybe I will need a nut pick or two?

Kiddiescorner - You made my day. Pinky swear. That kind of comment makes me smile like I have no right to smile ...

Know what I mean? Not like this :]... more like :D

icedteaforme 5/22/09, 12:21 PM  

looks like you had some bento box ideas, the egg shaper and the hot dog shapers for making a cute lunch for your son, hey you should do a giveaway load up all the crap you want to get rid of and have people sign up to win it! lol not me I have no room!

@eloh 5/22/09, 12:24 PM  

I'm a kitchen gadget junkie, the older, the wierder, the better....this was kinda porn for me.

Thank you oooooooooo Thank you

tracy 5/22/09, 1:01 PM  

IcedTea - Thats exactly it. I had bento fantasies! I actually did get my son a bento box and it was THE perfect thing for him...he ate dinner with it for a long time. Food never touched. He loved it. Oh a contest where I passed this stuff on would be cruel! lol... than I would be junking up everyone elses house!

Eloh - You should have seen the estate sale I went to yesterday. Everything was old and weird and half of it was kitchen. It looked like she had appliances and gadgets dating back to the 1800's... seriously.

chicamom85 5/22/09, 1:04 PM  

Too funny, every so often I clean mine out as well and I have to wonder what I was thinking when I got some of it.

Anita 5/22/09, 2:06 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I am not going to go through my "tools" drawer, it's a scary place in there!

Vonlipi 5/22/09, 2:10 PM  

I think I peed my pants,because I laughed sooo hard!
I have kitchen gadgets issues as well! The same thing happened to me last year with the ice scream scoop, and you know what?

I never found it....I had to buy another one!

When I go to a church trift shop I usually bring a bag of offerings to give and very often my unwanted kitchen gadgets find new homes!!!

Lisa,  5/22/09, 4:25 PM  

This is awesome! Here's the next step: get your kids to invent a use for these gadgets and harness the "power of small!"


PunditMom 5/22/09, 7:05 PM  

Too fun! I miss my mom's old fashioned egg slicer she used to make egg salad. You know, back in the "olden days!"

Digital Scraps Etc 5/22/09, 11:32 PM  

Thanks again for a great laugh! You have some very unique things. I'm having a garage sale tomorrow. Wish me luck that someone else wants my junk!!

Venti Vixen 5/23/09, 12:28 AM  

I soooooo have that same drawer at my house! Looks like you got the makings of a pretty good 'gourmet' gift basket there...

Sara Bonds 5/23/09, 3:35 AM  

Hopping over from the Blog-A-Thon. I am trying to hit everyone this weekend!

Have a wonderful three day weekend.

kat 5/27/09, 2:07 AM  

Sometimes I play this game on my blog too! It's fun isn't it?

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