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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Visiting Nurse Association Flea Market - Score!

The VNA of Somerset County has a rummage sale every spring and fall and it's a huge deal. I've only gone once before but it's irresistible. I mean, what's not to love? Crap-loads of other


There are stalls of housewares, books, holiday things, furniture, clothes, expensive things (called Bon-Ton, what does Bon-Ton mean?) and much more... And everywhere the smell of port-a-potties and the sight of burgers fills the air.


Switch that last thing.

But, seriously, it's fabulous. I, still a novice, forgot my stash of sturdy bags and rolling devices. But it still rocked. This time it's running May 1, 2, 3 and all week I was thinking it started today. Than yesterday I got on the computer and realized - Holy Yard Sale, Batman! It going on now.

Thinking it was Friday and everyone was at work, plus the rain, I would have no trouble getting in. Silly, silly me. The line just to get on the line to get on the line to turn left onto the street was taking so long that the woman, all by herself, in the car in front of me was screaming her fool head off.

Good thing too. It was most entertaining during my long wait to get onto the line to get into the line to make that left.

Once I got in and actually had to park? Now that wasn't quite that much fun. Wanna see where I ended up parking?

That's right.
See my car?

However, after I strolled the leisurely 30 or 40 mile amble over to the sale I forgot all about having to park in a different hemisphere. And I was blissed out.

The first place I hit was the kitchen stall after waiting on the line to get in for at least 20 minutes. I let the lady in front of me let her friend in cause. ..

Lady in front of me: I'm holding a spot for my friend, I'm just letting you know, you don't mind do you?

I thought: Oh hell no. And while your texting her to tell her your getting close to the entrance why don't text your whole family and tell them to C'mon Down! Or how 'bout you and your friend get in line behind me? I've been holding that space for the two of you. Let's ask the lady behing me, shall we?

I said: 'Course not (because I'm such a weiner)

But I got in finally, after those two, and fed my kitchenalia sickness. And than moved on to the book stall where I bought some old cookbooks ( feeding the kitchenalia monster some more.)

I'll put of the pictures in another post soon but I'll leave you with this one. It came with a cookbook sponsored by Crisco and it's from 1959.


I totally love the vintage illustrations.

Well, most of them.

This one...


On the fried chicken page...

Is it me or does that woman look like Snow White on crack? And as to that poor chicken, all twisted and deformed, limbs askew.

I think it got one look at Snow and died of fright.


Ling Ling 5/2/09, 4:38 PM  

I also dig the illustrations. BTW, how do you post multiple pictures in a single post? Do you have to save each one to your computer? I have several pictures on Flickr and would like to be able to have multiple images on there without having to save each and every one to my hard drive... is that possible?

tracy 5/2/09, 7:35 PM  

Ling Ling - Its really easy to post photos from flickr - you have to 'grab the html' code and you can do that from either the share link - right side of the flickr pages or after you click the all sizes link (above the images)...

than you just paste that code to your blog entry.

you can add as many pictures as you want to and dont have to save any to your hard drive this way


Ling Ling 5/3/09, 12:40 AM  

Thanks Tracy, I'll have to try it out! Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading your blog... it's written almost exactly the same way I think and talk. ;-)

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