The Crazy Suburban Mom: Surgery, New Driver, Semi-wordless Wednesday and Food Porn

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surgery, New Driver, Semi-wordless Wednesday and Food Porn

My partner of over 20 years (I'm not being vague, I can never remember) had surgery yesterday. I spent the day in a waiting room...

In a hospital cafeteria...

More waiting... more cafeteria...

More waiting...

Some walking in the rain...




And then they finally located a free room.

More waiting...

Eating (You would not believe how much food costs in a hospital cafeteria)

And finally home in time to clean up the dog doody under the dining room table , which my son didn't see. For hours, apparently.

And today? More of the same except I have to take the boy for his behind the wheel driver's test (number 2), first.

It's going to be another long day and I don't expect to have time to write so I leave you with:

Wordless Wednesday

(That is if you ignore all those words at the top)


Udon soup



sushi for dinner

(Did you know not all sushi is raw? This is smoked salmon,
cream cheese, and avocado. rockin')





lox and asparagus

Smoked Salmon and asparagus

wegman's olive bar

Marinated veggies




(I need to do a whole post on Pocky!)

Custard Marshmallows

Chocolate-filled marshmallows
(Amazing, huh?)



and last but not least....

Chocolate Beer

Chocolate Beer

**** UPDATE****

We have a new driver in our family! I'm so happy for him. He's a nervous kid and it took all he had to get himself there. Just a few more weeks and he'd have to take the written over. He's had his permit that long. 2 years.

He's so hard on himself. Waiting in line he about gave himself a migraine. Something about 'head-splitting' and 'not being able to see in 10 minutes'.

I talked about the power of positive thinking. I can tell you that speech has no value to a seventeen year old. He looked at me like I was sprouting pasta from my head. (Linguine, I think).

But it's done. Over. He never has to do it again. The sense of relief was palpable.

Good job, baby.


mummyof5monsters 5/27/09, 5:33 AM  

mmmmmmmmmmmm love peeps, can hardly ever get them over here! Im going to do a post on Fairy Bread, I cannot believe Australians are the only people that eat it!

@eloh 5/27/09, 6:10 AM  

Chocolate Beer? I have to make a point of getting "out" more.

tracy 5/27/09, 6:25 AM  

Mummy, seems people either love peeps or hate them :) I love them! Id love to hear about fairy bread... Im a carb fiend!

eloh - chocolate beers interesting. The bitter in the chocolate really 'goes' well with beer and lots of food... getting out's trickier...


kiddiescorner 5/27/09, 9:29 AM  

Oh hospital food Yuck. Did that for one month when my son was born :( Good Luck with the driving test and all the food photos yum!

tracy 5/27/09, 10:43 AM  

kiddiescorner - a month? you poor thing ... wow.

Christina 5/27/09, 10:59 AM  

I hope all is well. I don't like hospitals at all

tracy 5/27/09, 11:01 AM  

thank you, christina. All well, its fairly well. This morning I heard a lot about pain (the pain med pump is gone) and vomiting. The vomiting story I could have lived without.


Tess 5/27/09, 12:43 PM  

Oh, that food all looks good! Never heard of chocolate beer-yummmmm!!!

Tina 5/27/09, 1:29 PM  

Congrats to the new driver!! As a mom of a new driver as of last month myself, I know it is a blessing to have another driver in the family and a nerve wracking experience all at the same time. Everytime she leaves the house I make her call when she arrives at her destination, however everytime I see her name come across on my caller ID I worry it is bad news until I hear "I made it." Hang in there!

chicamom85 5/27/09, 2:14 PM  

I hope all is well for you by now. Congrats on the driver and I want one of those chocolate marshmallow things please.


Anonymous,  5/27/09, 4:18 PM  

Congrats to the driver and speedy recovery to the spouse;)

Venti Vixen 5/27/09, 4:39 PM  

Please do the Pocky post. Pocky is food of the gods.

Vonlipi 5/27/09, 4:48 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vonlipi 5/27/09, 4:52 PM  

I hope your partner gets well real soon! You 2 are in my prayers.

those food pictures were strangely sensual....I am sooooo longing for mocchi, that stuffed marshmallow and salty pocky (pizza, salad,and corn pocky OMG)

Is the new driver the real picky eater?

I get confused (what else is new! lol)

Anonymous,  5/27/09, 5:35 PM  

Congrats to The Boy. His nervousness is over, and yours has just begun.

Peeps! Ever see the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Francis is dared to eat 100 of them? There is no situation involving boys that is not covered on that show!

Pocky, custard-filled marshmallows: awaiting info. eagerly. -- El

Venti Vixen 5/28/09, 12:43 AM  

Do tell - where did you get banana choco Pocky??!?!?!

tracy 5/28/09, 5:19 AM  

Tess - There is chocolate beer (and vanilla too) its actually really good. Sort of desserty as I remember - good with dark chocolate!

Tina - exactly! He drove to work and texted me! lol.. I think I will be picking up the habit of biting my nails now :)

Chicamom - they were GOOD! They also had grape filled but they werent as appealing to me. The chocolate ones? NOM!

Mama - Thank you so much :)

Venti - I have to go buy some more and I totally agree with you!

Vonlipi - yes, the new driver is the picky eater. I only have one kid. I need to go get more mochi ...sigh....

El, never saw that episode! Looks like I'll have to do a japanese snack post soon!

Venti - I go to an asian market and they have all kinds of japanese snacks... you can buy them online though at different places...


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