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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pyrex giveaway? Oh yes! Right here!

See this?

pyrex givaway

I've decided to have a Mother's Day giveaway
...or rather a giveaway for Mother's Day....and give this away!

No kidding!

This is a small pyrex bowl (Cinderella, I think it's called because of the handles) The bottom reads - 441 1 -1/2 pt Trade mark 27 Pyrex

(I think that stands for a 1 and 1/2 pint size bowl. What does that make it? About 3 cups? Math isn't my thing...)

I read a lot of blogs and it seems everyone is doing it and although my mother said that wasn't a reason to do anything... I think she was wrong.

I post a lot of my Vintage Pyrex (SCORE!) finds and a lot of people write how they can't find any themselves. I've been lucky in that department lately and frankly my family is starting to say... Um, don't you think you have enough?

Well, no. No, I don't. I don't ever think I have enough. But the truth is I have two of these. And that is too much for someone with an itty bitty house with no storage. Or at least no storage for doubles.

So I've decided to give some of it away. No strings. No postage. No nothing. You don't have to jump through a hoop to get this, you don't have to go to a website and come back, you don't have to twitter, you don't have to follow me if you don't want to.

Just leave me a comment and tell me what you want to put in it but you don't have to do that if it's personal...and at the end of the giveaway time period I will throw the amount of entries into an online random number generator and let randomness prevail for one lucky winner.

The giveaway comment period will run through NEXT SATURDAY,
MAY 16th until midnight, Eastern Time.

(I can't find you!)

One entry per person, strictly enforced by Ginger, my 14 year old mini-pain.

She's small but she's mean. And don't let the fact she only has 4 teeth fool you... she knows how to use them.


notworthwriting 5/10/09, 10:46 AM  

I would love to have this. My house is decorated with browns, reds and greens and since I love to match this would go perfect. I would probably fill this with quesadillas which my husband loves (not very fancy).

SarahBeeCreations 5/10/09, 11:05 AM  

I would probably use it for the M&M bowl while we watch movies and eat popcorn! It reminds me of the one we had when I was younger.
Thank you!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) 5/10/09, 12:17 PM  

Every JAM needs herself some Pyrex! Great giveway! Let's see... I'll use if for some tasty, sweet fruit.

Happy Mother's Day!

Zeemaid 5/10/09, 1:00 PM  

It's hard to tell how big that bowl is but it kinda looks like the bowl my mom used to put her potatoe salad in (still does actually) so I'd probably carry on the tradition.. *L*. Course if it's itty bitty, it think it'd make a great coleslaw dish... Great Giveaway. HAPPY MOM DAY!

Ling Ling 5/10/09, 1:43 PM  

I would use this bowl to keep my candy stash in. The stash that currently resides in a styrofoam bowl. Yeah, you've seen pictures of my living room. haha. Great give away!

The Half Assed Housewife 5/10/09, 3:06 PM  

Hmmm, I would have to say I would probably use it as a candy bowl. Too cute to be kept under the counter.

MoonNStarMommy 5/10/09, 3:11 PM  

Ooooooh enter me enter me... my husband would use it to serve lovely things in... he is training to be a chef remember!! The kids broke a couple of our nice mixing bowls so I have to get him more.

Please don't let Ginger bite me... please?

Algebra Teacher 5/10/09, 3:20 PM  

Enter me in the giveaway, please! I only have 2 pyrex bowls. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you'll be back. Yours is great!

Heather 5/10/09, 3:55 PM  

Hmmm...I'd make cookie dough in it...mmmm...

Christa 5/10/09, 6:03 PM  

I want to win!! I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE me some pyrex...only vintage really, but love pyrex all the same.
Help me start my collection!!!

Lisa 5/10/09, 6:36 PM  

Lots of berries of any kind would look good in this! Scalloped potatoes would look good in this!

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram 5/10/09, 8:27 PM  

Happy Mother's Day!

Visiting and following from MBC 100 Group. Please stop by & visit me!

Cindi @ Mama Mentor
Mama Mentor

rubymoon 5/10/09, 8:42 PM  

I love Pyrex and the vintage is so hard to find. I occasionally get lucky at a thrift store. I make a great shredded potato casserole side dish and I would put it in this vintage dish. My mom always used nothing but Pyrex so I was raised with it.

espressogurl at hotmail dot com

Tina 5/10/09, 9:16 PM  

I would love to win this bowl! I have started scanning for old Pyrex dishes myself here recently and have not found any yet so this would be my very first piece! Since I just started taking cake decorating class and have to mix of batches of frosting every week, I would use this to mix my frosting in. Happy Mother's Day!

Nicole 5/10/09, 10:31 PM  

I love your dog!! How adorable!
Let's see, I'd probably put some left over chinese in that bowl, and eat it at an hour where one shouldn't be eating chinese food and I would love every moment of it!

Kate 5/11/09, 12:06 AM  

This reminds me of the casserole dish my mom always used growing up. I would love to have that beautiful vintage find!

icefairy 5/11/09, 12:19 AM  

Happy mother's day and thanks for this fun giveaway! It looks like a great soup bowl:)

Vonlipi 5/11/09, 5:30 PM  

Your dog is adorable! I don't want to be in your giveaway 'coz I already have that bowl....But I would put flowers in it and it would look AMAZING!

I love your blog and suburbia is WICKED weird!!! LOL :)

Howie&Karin 5/11/09, 11:14 PM  

That is a pretty Pyrex bowl, it would go great with my orange one.

Queenalycen 5/12/09, 9:25 AM  

Okay, I'll bite. I would probably use it to make macaroni and cheese. Homemade, of course!

cpullum 5/12/09, 9:18 PM  

I actually have a matching bowl my mom gave me I would use it for mixing. I make alot of cakes in this house and it would be perfect!!!
Count me in!

Katy 5/13/09, 11:14 AM  

Are you kidding, I want it! As long as you put that cute little guard dog in it when you send it to me!
This is my first giveaway that I've ever ever entered, so I should win! :)

Anonymous,  5/13/09, 3:26 PM  

I would fill this bowl with strawberries. Big beautiful red strawberries. Then in the next 10 minutes my family would eat them ALL! I'd still have the bowl. They would be hungry again 5 minutes later!!!

Leslie 5/14/09, 10:46 PM  

I love, love, love Pyrex! Its just so vintagey and fun. I would put anything I could in it. I have the large yellow one, but it doesn't have handles.

tracy 5/17/09, 7:13 AM  

No more entries!!! Winner will be posted later today!

Thanks everyone!


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