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Friday, May 1, 2009

Pole Dancing Stripper Chicken Breast A La Stealth Result and a bonus...

Okay so the Pole Dancing Stripper Spicy Chicken Breasts A La Stealth is done and it's really good! The recipe is here.


When it was done crock potting, I took the chicken out and shredded it. And I must say cooking Pole Dancing Stripper Chicken Breasts this way was a really good idea because:

1. White meat tends to dry out and cooked this way, in all that tomatoy goodness, and than shredded? Not dry.

2. They were so big they would have taken forever to cook any other way so see # 1 and multiply by 1000.

3. These were so big that any recipe calling for a chicken breast was calling for these chicken breasts prepubescent younger sisters.

4. It's the perfect stealth dish. I put an entire can of fat free refried beans in there and you can't taste it.

5. When I told the boy I was making it he said, WORD! Which is a good thing, if you didn't know.

As to the recipe I used. I made it as it was stated in the prior post. The only thing I did by taste was at one point I tasted it and all I tasted was 'hot'. Not incendiary hot, send in the fire extinguisher... but there wasn't really - as Rachael Ray says - any flavor in the background that makes them go, Hmmmmm?


I was sure there were actually flavors in there but the 'hot' was covering them so I added a bit more sugar, covered the crock, let it cook a little and retested. After that I could taste the garlic, the spices (pleural) tomato...etc. So when in doubt add some sugar first...

This is hot but it sn't blow the back of your head off, hot. If your family likes incendiary food you will need to add something else for extra heat.

Also if you like cilantro and your family doesn't have any what-are-those-green-specks-in-the-food issues, I'd add that too.

Personally, I just don't want to hear about it.

On to the lime rice.

I make rice in a rice cooker. If you don't have one you're missing something great. While I have a lot of appliances out on my back porch that I was sure I need but are now waiting to go to Goodwill... my rice cooker I use all the time.

See, I cook a lot at one time. Divide it up in zip loc bags. Squeeze the air out, freeze them flat and than turn they vertical. It takes up hardly any room in my freezer, keeps great and I always have rice to serve.

I'm not sure of the brand I have but it was the one Martin Yan was pitching. It even came with a picture of Martin Yan on it. My son and his friend thought that was the best thing about my rice cooker and had a ridiculous amount of fun with the picture of Martin Yan, blackening a tooth and posting it as one of their Facebook profile pictures.

Boys, right? If I could only get them to use their powers for good....

Okay...on the the lime rice, for real this time. Like I said in the other post. Saute some rice in a little oil and butter (or either or), salt and pepper, and squeeze in some lime.

My son orders it all the time from Chipotle but the first time I made it for him he said, you didn't make it too limey did you? I was kind of confused because I thought that was the point. And I had made it limey.

Of course I said, Nope, not limey at all.

He ate it and the rest is history.

My son's verdict? He brought over the same friends that he brought over for the Bubble Pizza. It was a huge hit and proclaimed, The best thing ever. Well, all except for one girl who doesn't do spicy. I made her a ham and cheese sandwich.

No one suspected a can of beans inhabited their food. No foreign beanish flavors were detected. No beanile matter seen.

And as a bonus for anyone who is still reading... Bless you....

I made a second dinner tonight. The person who I chose to spend the rest of my life with, much like my son's friend, doesn't do spicy either.


It's too easy for a whole post. Let's just call it, I don't do spicy chicken, chicken... Take a whole package of chicken wings... salt and pepper both sides. Than sprinkle them with a little sugar. Both sides. Just a little, you're making chicken here, not creme brulee...

Heat oven to 400 and bake 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes put a spoon of Housin sauce on each peice and mush it around so the whole wing is covered, both sides and cook another 30 minutes.

They are really good. And very pretty :)

P.S. If you want some stealth cooking inspiration, these are the two books I have. I know there is another one, one that had some air time on Oprah... but I like this author best.


Christina 5/1/09, 9:40 PM  

oooh... looks delish!

Poking my head in to be a follower :o)

Helene 5/2/09, 12:09 AM  

Your comment about Martin Yan absolutely knocked me over with laughter...your son obviously has an amazing sense of humor!! You're like the 4th person who has told me I'm really missing out by not having a rice cooker...I had no idea you could freeze rice. I'm so asking for a rice cooker for Mother's Day! I usually just do that instant rice crud and my kids never eat it.

The chicken dish looks incredible and I love that you were able to sneak some fiber/protein with the beans and no one was the wiser!

I just made some awesome chicken wings...a very similar recipe to yours, except after cooking the wings for about an hour, I put a mixture of BBQ sauce, honey and lite soy sauce on them and then cooked them for about 30 minutes more. Oh man, they were a sticky, gooey mess but SOOOO yummy!! I'll have to try the hoisin sauce...that sounds just as yummy!

tracy 5/2/09, 6:51 AM  

Cristina - It was really good! it was also easy and the perfect place to hide veggies!

Helene, My son is so funny. I enjoy being around that kid so much! I've enjoyed every age he's been :)

As to rice cookers - there are so many versions and prices...from small ones that just cook small amounts of rice for under 25 to large ones that are multi-function that are almost 300!

One that cooks a reasonable amount a rice (enough to freeze), has a nonstick rice bowl, a keep warm function and can steam veggies too is usually only about 35. I will say, after having one without a non-stick rice bowl, the non-stick is much easier...

And I really like having it in the freezer. You can always make fried rice for dinner or a side dish in 15 minutes or under...

Thank you both for peeking in on me! Its so nice to check in and see these comments.

tracy 5/2/09, 6:52 AM  

oh, and Helene - that chicken sounds really good and probably similar to what I did. It has the sweet-savory thing going on! I was just looking in my fridge and seeing what I had... and hoisin was in there.

Anonymous,  5/2/09, 11:28 AM  

That looks amazing!
And I'm STILL laughing from you saying that the chicken looked like it had a boob job!!!
-- El

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