The Crazy Suburban Mom: Evil baby bunnies and fluffy muffins

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Evil baby bunnies and fluffy muffins

Ginger's not a high energy dog. Never has been.

Truth be told, she always been a bit of a slug.


Except when it comes to patrolling the yard.

She takes that very seriously.


Even at 14 she still wants to know...


Who's been here?

And make sure the...


Evil baby bunnies haven't returned.

And is concerned about...


What the heck are the neighbors doing now?

(Ginger is nosy when she's awake)

But Ginger's favorite things are her muffins (dog beds). She has them all over the house. She likes the ones I get at the drugstore. Probably the cheapest dog beds ever; five dollars on sale. They don't last that long and the stuffing becomes matted quickly but she doesn't care.


Because the day she gets a fluffy new muffin is better than anything.

Ginger thinks life doesn't get any better than that...


I think she might be right.


Deb 5/23/09, 11:49 AM  

She is so cute. I love seeing her snuggled into her muffin bed--I think I have a black collie-lab cross that would love to have one of those, too. I have the only 65 pound lap dog in the country, I think! Thanks for sharing Ginger's pics.

Anonymous,  5/23/09, 1:06 PM  

Too cute;)

@eloh 5/23/09, 4:55 PM  

My Bobbert should weigh 4 pounds, he is also a lazy little bugger. I swear I just think about taking a nap and he's already there. Bobbert is a bit fat, I'm pretty sure he needs to lose 6 or 8 ounces. Darn, I wish I were Bobbert.

Pass the cheesecake, pleeeese.

mummyof5monsters 5/23/09, 5:39 PM  

how cute is she!love that last picture, she looks so content:)

tracy 5/23/09, 7:00 PM  

Deb - I've had big lap dogs too :) ginger doesnt cut off the circulation to my legs when shes in my lap though!

Mama - shes a snuggler

eloh - gingers about 10 pounds. Your sounds like a SMALL little guy...

mummyof5 - I love that pic :)

Kathy B! 5/23/09, 9:42 PM  

What an adorable little sweetie she is :) I wish we had a dog. Instead we have the evil bunny (check out my latest post if you want proof). If our rabbit doesn't improve you're going to have to send Ginger over to take care of business!

Anonymous,  5/24/09, 9:33 AM  

Trace, you are so unpredictable and creative, I actually thoguth Evil Baby Bunnies and Fluffy Muffins was going to be a recipe.
Hah! -- El

Anonymous,  5/24/09, 9:35 AM  

Yikes, long night. Let me say that again, in English this time:

Trace, you are so unpredictable and creative, I actually thought Evil Baby Bunnies and Fluffy Muffins was going to be a recipe. Hah! -- El

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Christina 5/26/09, 12:40 AM  

Ginger sounds a lot like my dog Friday.

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