The Crazy Suburban Mom: Estate sale Score! Well, SCORES! actually

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Estate sale Score! Well, SCORES! actually

I haven't posted the things I've found at estate sales lately. And lately? I've found quite a bit of cool stuff. All of it vintage I think (not sure about the butter dish though)

Here's a few things...


Way cool fondue forks


I hear these are called hoosiers... They look like shakers to me..


A bunch of depression glass refrigerator dishes. These are really cool!


9 cup flameware pyrex coffee pot


Aqua rubbermaid butterdish


Pyrex, lots of pyrex!


And even more pyrex!

A ridiculous amount of little red pyrex dishes, in fact!

They are too adorable... and make my heart beat faster...

I listed some on ebay and some I will probably list in the future.

And I see a giveaway in my future very soon!
Check back!


Christa 5/24/09, 9:49 AM  

my heart fluttered when I saw those red dishes too...I'm so jealous of you.

Christine 5/24/09, 10:01 AM  

WTG!!! I have not seen old pyrex since I was a child! That is so cool!

@eloh 5/24/09, 2:11 PM  

I have cramps in my arms and I'm shakin' like a cat poopin' a peach seed. OYE the glass butter dishes . . . you know this stuff is my porn and on a Sunday!

@eloh 5/24/09, 2:16 PM  

Lord have mercy, I got so flustered. When I got the slobber's off the screen to have another go at 'em, I see you are calling them fridge dishes. We always kept butter and honey and left overs . . .oh, I get it now.

chicamom85 5/24/09, 2:22 PM  

DEPRESSION GLASS!! I am crazy for it. Nice finds.


Baba 5/24/09, 4:25 PM  

OMG you did find some treasures! Love them all! Stopping in from the Blog Link-A-Thon.

Anita 5/24/09, 10:09 PM  

Those are so very cool finds!!! I can't find anything good like that, no room to store it...LOL.

Vonlipi 5/24/09, 10:34 PM  

I would take the hoosier shakers in a heartbeat! To put in my future hoosier of course!

My Dad would kill for the refrigerator dishes, he can't get enough of these....:)

tracy 5/25/09, 5:41 AM  

I just typed a looooong comment and blogger went flooey - it ate my comment!

I can't do it over and have blogger tell me - oooops!


The Laughing Idiot 5/25/09, 10:57 AM  

I'm very jealous of the red pyrex dishes! I love having interesting dishes to serves stuff in. I just hate paying store prices. Great score!

Venti Vixen 5/25/09, 12:49 PM  

I love those glass refrigerator dishes!

Tina 5/25/09, 9:29 PM  

OK. I been watching your blog daily for a few weeks now and you have my hooked on the pyrex. I want some too! You need to send me your ebay name so I can start watching for your listings!!! Please ma'am! Keep up the good work. You are the first blog I hit in the mornings and when I take my lunch break at work!

tracy 5/26/09, 4:16 AM  

The laughing idiot - thts what I do with them too! And since stating to go to places like yard sales and estate sales i dont want to shop in stores!

Venti - Ive never seen them before!

Tina - there is a link. At the bottom of the post where I say Im listing the word ebay is a link to the sales! And thank you so much for your very kind words! You made my day!


Nichay 5/26/09, 10:29 AM  

How do you find the estate sales? Are they listed in the paper?

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) 5/26/09, 11:45 AM  

One question. Where do you keep all this stuff?

Love your finds. I think I'd like you to be my personal shopper...

tracy 5/27/09, 10:46 AM  

Nichay - Believe it or not I google "estate sales" there are websites where the companys that do them can list. So easy...

JAM - Even though it might seem like a lot, its only a lot recently. I've been looking to find stuff for a year and found nothing. Suddenly, I'm finding a ton. I end up ebaying what I can't keep or use... of doing a giveaway here.

Which I'm going to do again soon!

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