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Friday, May 1, 2009

Depression cooking works in the year 2009

I follow a blog called Retro Renovation that's mad-fun! I love mid-century modern design. If I could manage it, my house would look like it stepped out of a 1960's suburban development in Anywhere, USA. And Pam, over at Retro Renovation feeds that retro need.

This morning she posted about Clara, a 93 year old Grandma...with a blog and You Tube channel! How cool is that? 93 with a blog and a You Tube channel?

Her blog is called Great Depression Cooking with Clara and the You Tube videos are of her cooking the recipes her mom made for the family.

Like this one.

I love the stories that go along with the recipes. About how her neighbor came to steal a shopping bag full of vegetables from her garden... and how she had to quit high school because her family couldn't afford to buy her socks... And how they sat around the stove to keep warm.

Than turned their chairs around to warm their backsides.

I've really been enjoying the videos and the recipes. And I am so totally going to make that poorman's meal with potatos, onions and hot dogs!

As an aside - I was watching her this morning with my son. And he said:

She's cute but what's that got to do with depression?

No, not depression. THE depression.


Isn't it so odd that when kids think of that word they think of the disorder, depression? I have to think on what that means about the society...


icedteaforme 5/1/09, 10:29 AM  

did you know clara got a book deal? they are publishing her recipes in a book, cool huh?

I have some lamps for your suburban sixtie's swanky abode, thanks to my inlaws and their constant, we cannot throw this out, so you must store it for us, since you need our old cast off junk love.....anyhow the lamps are a cross between i dream of genie and bewitched....very late 1960 in the form of 1950 shades too! ugh very gold in a cocktail shaker kind of way!

tracy 5/2/09, 8:45 AM  

No, I didnt know that! Really cool and good for her...shes adorable!

Those lamps sound way cool :) salivatingly cool! I can imagine it must get overwhelming, tho.. getting all that stuff your inlaws dont want!

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