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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Could y'all help me with a recipe?

So these...

I need help with a recipe?  Anyone?
Those are buttermilk soaked Cornflake crumbed boneless, skinless chicken parts.

They were not so bad that they ended up here...


But if you google image search the word Meh, I think that chicken picture might be there.

I think fried chicken, even faux-fried baked chicken ought to be yummy. And this was an entirely forgettable experience (although Ginger is really enjoying them).

So could you help me?

I had some issues and I'd like to work them out because the method worked but not the recipe.

Issue 1 - I really don't like Cornflakes as crumbs. They are crunchy all right but my brain keeps screaming, "Cereal! It's Cereal! Hey! You, that's cereal on that chicken... Yo! It's cereal".

Most distracting.

I used them because it's in a lot of those kinds of recipes and I wanted something crunchier than breadcrumbs but tastier than Panko.

Thoughts on crispy coating materials?

Issue 2 - I loved the texture of the chicken after a 6 hour buttermilk soak, But I waited a few hours to add the spices so they wouldn't sit on the chicken and burn with the coating. I have no idea how much spices to add to how much buttermilk...and for how long? And if I don't have seasoned salt, what than? I should have put the spices in with the chicken from the get-go. I waited a few hours and than added the Old Bay and garlic salt. I didn't have Seasoned salt, which I would have preferred. Old Bay is in some recipes for chicken but it didn't work for me. And didn't taste garlic at all... Actually it wasn't all that tasty and had to sprinkle salt on at the end....

Thoughts on seasonings?

Issue 3 - I took the buttermilk soaked chicken out of the fridge and let it drain off for a bit but when I went to coat it, not everything stuck. Are you supposed to coat the chicken right away? Or did I miss a step? Like flour, redip in buttermilk and than coat with crumbs.... Or was it just that cereal doesn't stick that well to chicken?

Thoughts on stickiness?

I'd like to do this again. Just entirely different! The buttermilk made a moist and juicy chicken, even the breast pieces. And since I cut the breasts into pieces it cooked perfectly in 30 minutes so besides the prep, which is a bit long, the actual cooking is fast and I didn't even have to turn them.

It was also a pretty light on calories dinner. Buttermilk is practically fat free... I gave them all a spray of Pam before I cooked them and that was it.

Does anyone have any suggestions they could throw my way on a better buttermilk soaked chicken recipe? Skinless? To bake?


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog 5/9/09, 8:23 AM  

Hmmmmm. Buttermilk, eh? Sounds interesting.

I hate cereal coatings, too.

Honestly, you could have done a bread crumb/Panko mix and just spiced the heck out of it. OR add just a small amount of CRUSHED cornflakes to the bread or Panko to give it an extra crunch without the obvious cereal staring at you.

Garlic the heck out of it. I am so random with my seasonings that you never know what my meat will taste like, but I always end up with garlic, basil, black pepper and salt. Sometimes the hot sauce will be flung into the pan, or the random spices from the back of the cabinet will be haphazardly flung into the breading, just to see what happens...

Laura 5/9/09, 9:03 AM  

I would use panko bread crumbs. They bake up nice and crisp, and they would stick to the chicken better.
Tyler Florence has a buttermilk soaked fried chicken recipe. He says after you have marinated the chicken in buttermilk, to drain it and pat it dry. Then you dip the chicken in a seasoned flour mixture, then fresh buttermilk. Then you could do the cornflakes or panko, and bake. He also recommends adding siracha (that red asian hot sauce) to the buttermilk for flavor.
Here is his link

elohssanatahw 5/9/09, 10:32 AM  

Nothing on the face of this earth compares to Southern Fried Chicken and it's quick and easy. I don't know why anyone would want to do it any other way.

Save that buttermilk for the biscuits.

Good try though, I am very impressed with all the effort you put in.

tracy 5/9/09, 12:19 PM  

Tracey - I am the same way - you never know what my meat is going to taste like either... and panko and breadcrumbs is a great idea!

Laura - going to check out that recipe! Thanks! Everything he makes looks so delish! And I should have used panko... sigh

elossanatahw - You have a very good point! Im trying SO hard to lighten things up... I have to give this all some thoughts... but yeah, so true. Southern fried chicken is the best thing


Nicole 5/9/09, 2:52 PM  

I like cornflakes on chicken, but I use honey, it holds together well and the hint of sweet is wonderful

tracy 5/9/09, 4:26 PM  

Nicole, OH! That would accentuate the sweetness of the cornflakes instead of having a 'cereal' thing in the background... Thats a good idea!


Not The Rockefellers 5/9/09, 5:36 PM  

Here's my recipe for the best chicken tenders...

Soak each pound of cut up chicken tenders in a brine of:
1 T salt
3 C cold water
1 c buttermilk

refrigerate for 4-6 hours

Pat each piece dry and set aside

Sift together into a shallow dish:
2 C flour
2 T salt
1 t pepper

Into another dish beat together:
2 eggs
1 C milk
1 drop of Tabasco ( optional, it doesn't add much heat, just a nice zing )

Into a third dish place:
Your choice of:
1 C of
Panko ( I highly recommend these :) )
Crushed corned flakes ( use blender)
Rice Krispies ( use blender )
Ritz Crackers ( use blender)

First dredge the tenders into the flour mixture
Second dredge the tenders into the egg mixture
Third dredge the tenders into the bread crumbs

Heat 2 C oil in a 12" skillet over medium heat
Cook chicken in batches for about 5 minutes per side, or until golden.

Let drain on paper towels.

Serve with dipping sauces.

Peace - Rene

Shawn 5/9/09, 7:52 PM  

I always wondered about that cornflake chicken. I guess now that KFC isn't honoring their Oprah coupons anymore I'll have to try and cook something myself.

How I goan feed my fambly??

Ryan Ashley Scott 5/9/09, 9:06 PM  

Hmmm... my grandma always makes great cornflake chicken. She makes it because it's healthy (read: not fried) but I'm pretty sure she puts a stick of butter in the pan.

Buckeroomama 5/10/09, 12:16 PM  

I did read through your post and thought... and thought... and thought about what I could suggest to help you. But minutes into it, I gave up. Who was I kidding? I don't really cook much. :)

Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog. (I enjoyed reading your posts.)

Happy Mother's Day to you. :)

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