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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 Really Random things about me...

1. The only food I can't stomach is pumpkin. When I was 16 I went to my than boyfriend's grandmother's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I'd never had pumpkin pie before so they sliced me up a piece big enough to make up for those lost 16 years.

I'd never had anything so awful in my whole life. I thought I was being strangled by a gooey crusted paste of cloves and orange. Of course, being 16 I wanted to be polite and managed to get it down without tossing my entire dinner back onto the table. A remarkable feat, really.

I might not have been pumpkin-scarred for life if the torture ended there but seeing I'd eating the whole thing ("And so fast, too! Rosie, get the girl another slice!") they served me up another piece. And this one was even bigger. It was monstrous. It was monolithic... It was the most elephantine slice of gargantuan crusted orange mucilage imaginable.

I can't look at a piece of pumpkin pie without gagging.


2. My 3 favorite party appetizers are:

  • A bowl of Nutella next to a bowl of pretzel sticks (Heaven, I tell you!)*
  • A platter with a loaf of French Bread, a wheel of Brie Cheese and a jar of Hot pepper jelly.*
  • A bowl of chips and a dip made of Ranch dressing mixed with salsa.*

*If you haven't had Nutella, you haven't tasted heaven. It's sort of peanut butter, all growed up. It's a mix of hazelnuts and cocoa.... And with the salty thing pretzels have going on ...Mmmm! Get the smallest jar you can or you will be sorry and find yourself sitting on the couch eating with a spoon... and in the bed...and in the tub....

*The french bread, brie, hot pepper jelly thing has the same salty, sweet, savory, creamy thing going on. And - I've also done it with crackers instead of bread and cream cheese instead of Brie (actually sometimes I put out both because not everyone likes Brie). And the hot pepper jelly? Mmmmm... I've gotten several brands, this is one I like, but not the only one. I like brands that are as hot as they are sweet.

The ranch dressing/ salsa dip is mixed by taste. Start with half a bowl of ranch and start adding salsa to taste. It's so good and it's a rockin' spread for sandwiches and burgers too. And for tacos... And for pretzels... And for nachos... And it's so tasty you can easily use reduced fat Ranch dressing.

3. Ginger, our Mini-Pain is actually a pure bred miniature pinscher. We got her when she was 4, she's now 14. She had a series of homes and was rescued at one point from a 72 hour kill dog pound in New York City. Lasting, loving pets don't always come in the form of puppies...


I are royalty....

4. In High School French Class I was assigned to do a report on Notre Dame.

The Cathedral in Paris

I did a report on

Notre Dame University.

It was an oral report. I had the option of doing a written report but that would have to be written in French which was, of course, out. She let me go on a while, not to be mean, but because the woman was just in shock.

She stopped me when I started talking about "The Fighting Irish."

5. In the month of March I had surgery on both my eyes.

6. I'm an artist/ photographer.... The cartoons I post are my own creations.

I used to paint more or less realistically.

Satisfylingly Lemony Deux

But when I started to lose my sight I moved to looser more abstract painting...

Much closer up of shredded comic piece

I've decided to name this after my favorite poem INVICTUS            "...and bring a living will if you have one...."and if that little gem won't freak you out I dont know what will....

An update on the Teal blue gray putty and black WIP 3

Red square on blue with mica

And I quite love them....

7. I haven't gotten all my eyesight back. I still need laser on both eyes so I'm not able to really do photography the way I'd like but these are some of my older favorites.

On giving and generosity...

The Secret Sits

Beauty is in the simplicity

Walking away....

8. I am ridiculously early for everything. Yesterday I was on time for a dental hygiene appointment. My appointment was for 10 and I got there at, ya know, 10. But for the rest of the day I was so totally off because I felt late all day... not having made it there with 30 minutes to spare.

9. I'm not that jazzed about chocolate. No, really, it's true. I mean I like it but the way I hear other people talk about it... I know I don't feel the same visceral thing... On the other hand I am crazy-addicted to Ramen noodles and Bubble tea. Neither of which I indulge in very often because my pants don't fit already.

10. I lived on an island for 2 years when I was a kid. Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Mid-Pacific ocean... Around the equator. Can we talk hair-frizz here?


Nichay 5/6/09, 9:48 AM  

Your art and pictures are beautiful. I picked up taking photos as a hobby and found out I LOVE IT! The only problem is trying to find places to put all my pictures.

tracy 5/6/09, 9:58 AM  

Nichay - Thank you! Your so right about space. My things are all over AND behind, on and under everything.. I do sell them but right now they are waiting to go places and I have no place for them.

Tess 5/6/09, 10:13 AM  

As a fellow artist and photographer, I have to say that I love your work!! :)

tracy 5/6/09, 10:21 AM  

Tess, thank you! I just went to your blog and voted for your card! And I love the conversation you had with Emily!

I post conversations with my teen age son - and you know what? they are still that funny, even when they are older :)


Rae Ann 5/7/09, 12:54 AM  

OH, Nutella! I discovered it when I lived in Italy as a teenager. We would use it instead of jelly on PB&Js. I'm slipping into a sugar coma just thinking about it!

tracy 5/7/09, 9:17 AM  

Rae Ann - It's really good isnt it? :)

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