The Crazy Suburban Mom: You say road-kill...I say butterfly...

Friday, April 17, 2009

You say road-kill...I say butterfly...

Last nights chicken was a huge hit with everyone which almost never happens. The family was eating and I was hearing things like 'Great!' and 'Wow!' and 'Where's my black shirt? (A trick question, really, because all of the boys shirts are black) and 'Can we have this again?'

I was in heaven and quietly basking in the glow of all the compliments (also something that almost never happens) when the person I chose to spend my life with says:

"But why did you make it look like road-kill?"

It doesn't look like road-kill, it's called butterflying.

"Oh. Well, I guess that does sound better."

If you want to make your chicken look like road-kill, too, here is a video. This guy does a much better job than I did. I just cut down one side of it and smashed it flat.


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