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Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday's Pyrex score!

I was thinking just yesterday that I needed a loaf pan and pie plate (although why, I don't know...I can't remember the last time I made anything requiring a pie plate. I think I may have some sort of issue with kitchenailia ...)

The day started out with an eye doctor's appointment at 8 a.m. A follow up from the surgery I had on my left eye on March 2 and my right eye on March 31. All was well with that... Next follow up - 2 weeks. Than at 9 a.m., the dentist. I had to get the permanent crown placed.

That was much more of a deal than the eye doctor visit.

The dentist said something that about summed up my whole time in the chair.

"Well, it's a live tooth, Tracy. Feeling what I'm doing is a good thing."

He's the best dentist I've ever had and I did have the Novocaine option. Confusing a 'live' tooth getting a crown with a tooth getting a crown that has had root canal is where I went wrong.

When that was over and figuring my day could not get worse I decided to go to the thrift shop; a normally unproductive and frustrating endeavor.

So I drove there. Just me and that live tooth bitching at me the entire way....

I walked in, didn't grab a basket or anything because what would be the point of that? And there they were as if placed in the thrift shop by the Pyrex fairy....

Score!  Pyrex bakeware...

And clean, besides. No scratches or wear... And no gunk, residue or other assorted schmutz from prior food forays. I washed them and dried them and they shine like diamonds, don't they? I paid $2.50 each. Be still my frugal heart.

Behind my Pyrex finds is my actively warping cutting board and under them are these kitchen towels I love. I got one set as a gift and than bought another because surprisingly they actually dry things rather than just moving the water around.

What a concept, right?

They are pretty, light, dry very quickly...become softer and softer as you wash them and are 100% cotton. They are also great for wrapping around wet hair... Like a turban thingamabob.


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