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Sunday, April 19, 2009

What in my pantry today? Random Marinade Stuff...

Did you ever look around your fridge and all you see is bits and pieces? Quarter cups of this... Thirds of that... Nothing with enough of anything to be a main ingredient?

I decided to gather the bits and bobs and make a marinade. It may end up being a winner... It may end up down the garbage disposal (that happens more times than I care to admit) but it was certainly worth a try.

While I was out getting bagels and the The Sunday Star Ledger I checked out what was on sale and The A&P. I found this 4 + pound pork roast. 99 cents a pound and figured ... why not? If the marinade works it will be good... if it doesn't... why feed the disposal an expensive roast?

I put the big roast in a large zip loc and added the bits and bobs....

1/3 c. soy sauce
1/4 c. sesame oil
1/4 c. mirin
1/4 c vegetarian oyster sauce
1/8 c. sugar chopped off my brown sugar brick
The green tops of 4 scallions, chopped a little
5 cloves of garlic put through a press

I sealed up the bag and this is what I got:

What's in my pantry?

Looks pretty good so far!

The plan is to marinate it until tomorrow and cook it slowly in a medium oven. I'll firm that out today.


It turned out quite lovely. I cooked it at 325 degrees covered for 3 1/2 hours and about another 20 to brown it up.


I cooked it using a slow cooking method because I really didn't know what kind of roast it was but I could have roasted it faster at a higher temperature. That would have worked out well too. Just look at those yummy, crispy parts...


About the ingredients:

Mirin -is a sweet Japanese cooking rice wine and it brings out the flavor in Japanese (and many Asian) dishes. It's really a unique flavor and not easily replaced by anything else. You can use sherry in recipes that call for it, but it doesn't taste the same.

The sesame oil I used here is a dark amber color and has a toasty flavor. Its not used for cooking - its a condiment. A flavor. It's unmistakable and also not really substitutable.

Oyster Sauce come in regular and vegetarian - I used the vegetarian but either could be used. Its a thicker sauce... its got a deeper flavor. Kinda salty... a little sweet. I like it...


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