The Crazy Suburban Mom: What's in my pantry today? Ground Beef for picky eaters..

Friday, April 24, 2009

What's in my pantry today? Ground Beef for picky eaters..

I live in a world of picky eaters. There are many, many food rules and if I paid attention to them all everyone would eat Happy Meals, everyday. Which they probably wouldn't mind...but still....

I went to my 1973 copy of the Joy of cooking this morning to see what I had bookmarked. I like bookmarking recipes that have possibility.

For me 'possibility' means:

  1. I (most likely) have the ingredients in my pantry.
  2. It doesn't take a lot of prep.
  3. It doesn't have any obvious offenders.

The major offenders are:

  1. No hot tomato pieces ( the person I chose to spend my life with)
  2. Different foods shouldn't touch ( Both of them - They think it's a law of the Universe, like gravity.
  3. Not too vegetabley (The boy)
  4. Not too wheaty (The boy doesn't like whole wheaty tastes)
  5. Not too 'picy (the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with)
  6. Not too bland (the boy likes 'picy)
  7. No unidentifiable foods (What's that green thing?)
  8. No curry, hot peppers, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Tex-Mex (See #5)
There are more. But those are the basic 8. And if I bothered with them all... I'd have an ulcer.

But I digress...

I was looking in this today


And found this....


I'd tagged it as a possibilty and after last night's chicken fiasco I didn't want to make more chicken so I thought, What the heck? I know I have everything because last time I went to the A&P I bought the soup and the water chestnuts. I would have preferred olives personally but no hot olive peices in food is rule number 9.

Would the boy eat it if he saw the ingredients? No. I don't think he's ever had mushrooms, let alone cream of mushroom soup. And I'm sure a water chestnut has never passed his lips but hey, they are sort of tasteless. More crunch than substance. If he asks me, What are those hard things? I'll just shrug and say, eggshells?

P.S. Don't know if you're wondering what the recipe title is all about. Meat Loaf Cockaigne. I was. I looked it up... Cockaigne means an imaginary land of great luxury and ease. So what does that have to do with meatloaf? Yeah, I couldn't figure it out either... Apparently the authors of Joy of Cooking cookbook named their country home "Cockaigne" and added the word to many of their "favorite" recipes in the cookbook.

I would tell the boy that story to let him know how special the recipe is.... but he would probably just say, "HAHAHA! Mommy said cock!" And than text that to all his friends....

I thought of alternate pronunciations but they all end up sounding like meatloaf cocaine... And if he texts that, I'll get arrested.


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