The Crazy Suburban Mom: What in my pantry today? Frozen chicken thighs!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What in my pantry today? Frozen chicken thighs!

I really like Michele Urvater's cookbooks. I have three of them and they are all based on the theme of Monday to Friday cooking. This recipe came from Monday to Friday Chicken. She used to have a television show on the Food Network called (I think) Monday to Friday cooking and I wish they would bring it back. Occasionally I still watch the Food Network but I've found I don't enjoy it anymore. For me, the beginning of the end was when they aired the show Dweezil and Lisa. It started a long downward spiral into the Food Network becoming the culinary equivilant of the National Enquirer.

And what's with all the cosmetic surgery on that channel? Do they require it? For some people on that network every new season brings a new theme and a new face to go with i
t. What's up with that? I find it distracting. I find it disturbing. I find it odd. And I also find I can figure out the year the show was produced by figuring .... Is that this year's face? Or last years? Oh. Wait. No, it's the 2001 face.

Oh. I'm way off track here.

Back to Michele (who all the time I watched her show had the same face. I miss that.) I was looking through my cook books this morning for a pantry recipe ( You know every time I type that I type panty recipe. I'm going to not correct it one day so please if I've posted a recipe for panties.... comment and let me know before 1000 people see it. Thank you.)

I've scanned the recipe and if you click
on it, it will be bigger and readable. It's for Meltingly Marvelous Chicken. I could't resist making it... I have every ingredient!

So that is the plan for later. At the moment I'm just cold water thawing the chicken in the sink.



Will it work? Will it be good? You really never know, do you? I try a lot of new recipes some work out well ("Oh wow! Can we have this again?) and some dont work out so well... If
this one doesn't work out well you will not see a beautiful and juicy picture of chicken. You will see...



Maybe I should start a rating system. Good recipes get lovely pictures .... Bad, bad, naughty recipes are rated in garbage disposals. From 1 to 3.

Maybe Noms! for the good ones!


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