The Crazy Suburban Mom: What the heck's a compound butter?

Monday, April 20, 2009

What the heck's a compound butter?

That's an easy one. It's just butter plus something else.

Garlic butter for garlic bread? Compound butter....

Butter mixed with sugar and cinnamon for cinnamon toast? Compound butter...

Butter mixed with dill? Compound butter.

And that's the one I made this morning.


I went to costco yesterday and bought more Steelhead Salmon because I was running out. But now that I bought more I need to use the stuff I got last time.

The salmon is in the fridge, thawing, for tomorrow's:


Stay tuned for this recipe tomorrow. It's all pantry and it's got 6 ingredients. And I'm including the salmon, salt and pepper. How much easier could it get?


Jill Barber 4/20/09, 8:49 PM  

Your blog is making me hungry:).

tracy 4/21/09, 5:43 AM  

That's a good thing, right? ♥

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