The Crazy Suburban Mom: Want to drive a crazy mom, crazier? #1

Monday, April 27, 2009

Want to drive a crazy mom, crazier? #1

Let her find this in the sink in the morning.


What's the big deal?

It's non-stick!

I just don't get it.


CandiceR 4/27/09, 7:52 AM  

I would understand if the sink was completely full of greasy dishes.. but one non-stick pan? I think that's good news lol

tracy 4/27/09, 8:16 AM  

I know. lol... its weird... its a pet peeve thing :) Non-stick doesnt need to be soaked for petes sake! arrrgh! its the same reaction i get when I see the ice cube trays in the dishwasher... I always think...why?

lol... tracy

Katy 4/27/09, 3:37 PM  

I'm usually the one that woould do something like that in my household. I presoak everything! Just a lazy mommas way of saying, 'I just don't want to deal right now!"

tracy 4/27/09, 3:42 PM  

Katy, following you ...never saw your blog before! Glad you commented!


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