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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thrift shop - SCORE!

I know some people seem to be able to walk into a rag-a-muffin of a thrift shop find a silk purse amongst the sow's ears . But that's not me. I'm not one of those gifted thrifters.

In my history of thrifting I am most likely to go into a shop, hopeful as all get out, and what do I find?

A place full of sow's ears...

Or worse. Dirty, stained and smelling like sow's ears, sow's ears. And not a silk purse in the lot.

Some people have great thrifting karma. I follow Eddie Ross's blog. That guy has the thrifting Midas touch. I'm convinced we could walk into the same store and he would walk out with an Edwardian Sterling Silver Compote and I would walk out with...well, something someone else considered garbage. How much self-esteem can you have if you buy someone else's garbage.

But I digress....

Today was different! The stars must be aligned. My bio-rhythms must be in full force positive and I must be getting some sort of Karmic justice for returning that wallet to the owner a few years back.

I found Pyrex! More Pyrex than I could actually buy. Which never happens. I'm saving the Pyrex finds for another post. This post is about lamps.

A few months back I went there and saw these gold speckled retro looking lamps that I loved for $8 each. I didn't get them because I didn't have the $16, didn't know if they worked, couldn't find shades... etc. I gave myself a lot of reasons not to buy them and have regretted it ever since.

After checking out the bounty of Pyrex and deciding what to buy I thought I'd go check out the lamp situation and Lo! and behold there they were. I grabbed them (literally grabbed them), clutching them to me as I walked around trying to find shades (The clutching was so silly because the darn things had probably been there for a year but I didn't want to find them just to lose them). After looking and looking....and looking through many dusty and stained... and may I say oddly-shaped lampshades (Who wants a plastic purple lampshade shaped like a bunch of grapes)... I found two. Alike. The same shade. What are the chances? The price $3.50 each.


I grabbed up all my bounty, paid and drove home. I had the perfect lamp place. I'd just rearranged my dining area to add a buffet. Well, okay not a buffet actually but it can serve as one and it cried out for lighting.


I'm so happy I could scream. In fact, I think I will...


Certainly glad I am home alone.

The lamp is fabulous. It and the shade need a cleaning but I think it's perfect and just what that dark area needed. I love the gold flecks... The retro vibe and $11.50 price tag. The area isn't suffiantly 'staged' as they say on HGTV but I'm very happy with my purchases.



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