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Friday, April 17, 2009

The spice of life...


I woke up at 4 this morning. Made coffee and went looking for Splenda. It's usually in the silverware drawer but not this morning.

Where is that box we got at Costco?

I opened the spice cabinet and got beaned by a container of brown sugar. Not just any brown sugar but that impossibly rock hard solid brick of brown sugar that I used in last night's chicken. See it up there on the left in that take-out soup container? I think it weighed 11 pounds. Why does that stuff get so hard?

When I put it back, I saw the problem. It doesn't fit. In fact, nothing in there fits.

Does one really need all those spices? How am I ever going to use all that sliced, dried garlic (It's that big jar, mid picture). And that big jar with the red top... top shelf. Bay leaves. I don't even like bay leaves. How did I end up with a quart of them? On the positive side I did fine whole cloves, unopened, that I didn't know I had (I have a recipe I haven't been making because I didn't have a bouquet garni - now, I do. Thickened tomato sauce, here I come)

But as to the rest of it... What am I doing with all that stuff? And more importantly - How in the world do you organize all those spices in a little space? Make them accessible. And dare I say... Neat? Or just fit, for Pete's sake?

I had a flash back of my dad saying something to me as I was getting clocked with the brown sugar. He was describing the first new car I bought and was paying for... I loved it. She was gold and had a sunroof. And a radio (Thats it, just a radio) and no air conditioning... But I loved her.

Dad took one look at the car and said, "Looks like 20 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag to me."

Dad can poetically turn a phrase, don't you think?

In the end, I guess Dad was right because the LeCar is frequently on " The worst cars ever" lists... Actually so was my very first car:

An AMC Hornet. Also no air conditioning. And also makes frequent appearances on "The worst cars ever" lists. I really know how to pick 'em.

But I digress...

How do you organize spices? I try but the only thing I end up doing is throwing out the ones I don't need; only to have to buy them 2 days later because I have a recipe that calls for them. I have a step shelf in there... Okay, that helps. But nothing else... think another step shelf would help?

Or is it just hopeless in there? And what will I do next time the spice cabinet attacks? What if I'm beaned by a whole slew of little bottles, falling like rain (Cause that's happened) Will they believe me in the ER when I tell them it was a condiment-related injury?

So, how do you all organize your spices so you can find them, they are neat and they won't cause bodily harm?


Sandy 4/17/09, 5:06 PM  

TRACY! My sister got me one of these for Christmas and I am SO sold! It is AWESOME and I am ordering a second one soon! It SO organized my spice cupboard! Let me know if the link doesn't work and I'll email it to you directly. (Or you can just go to amazon or google and type in "Spice Stack") IT ROCKS!

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