The Crazy Suburban Mom: So how come I'm still worried?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So how come I'm still worried?

Ma. There's no hot water.

Give it 5. I was running the dishwasher...


Sounds innocent enough, right? I thought so and immediately went to blissful, unknowing sleep.

When I woke up this morning and tried to wash my hair, there's still no hot water. Now, that is a problem of gargantuan proportion on several fronts:

1. I didn't shower yesterday thinking, "I'll do it in the morning." Oh. Silly, silly me.
2. I'm guessing the boy didn't shower either. An all to common occurrence. (Ma, what does my hair smells dusty mean exactly? I smell better than all my friends. Ask them. He's got me there... Smelling 'dusty' is the least of the smells.)
3. I'm thinking my appliance-karma just took a dive.
4. How much does a new water heater cost, anyway?

I hurried, quick like a bunny, and called PSEG's worry-free department and I guess no hot water is a huge deal to them too because my appointment is (Now, say this with a mechanical robotic voice) Today, Tuesday, April 21st, between 8 am and 12pm.

I know it's called worry-free...
So how come I'm still worried?


There it is. Sitting there between the heating system
and the washing machine. More a place holder now. Not
really an appliance anymore. More of a comma.


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