The Crazy Suburban Mom: Got popcorn feet?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got popcorn feet?

I upload photos to a Flickr Account . Most of it is my artwork, artwork in progress... Paintings, photography... Random stuff, too. I'm Popcorn Feet there.

Every once in a while someone will ask me where that name came from. I've decided to show you...

See this?


That's Ginger my mini-pain.

Now, see these?


Those are popcorn feet.

I used to think I was the only one with a dog that had feet that smelled like popcorn... But every time I write about it someone always says, I have a dog with popcorn feet too!

I love those popcorn feet. When she's warm from hiding under a blanket... or towel ... or the shirt you're wearing... Her feet smell like popcorn. And at the risk of sounding odd (although, its most likely too late for that) they smell heavenly!


Parenthood For Me 4/23/09, 9:39 PM  

My dog's feet smell like corn chips! I thought I was nuts. I love the smell of her feet.

Deb 4/24/09, 12:25 AM  

You are right! I love your observation and the fact that you chose such a cool, creative name.

tracy 4/24/09, 8:32 AM  

Parenthood - No your not nuts!! Ive heart corn chips before...and corn dogs :) and baked goods... your blog. im following you

Deb - Im following you, dont know if you know! and i love that shot you took. beautiful!

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