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Thursday, April 23, 2009

On no, Michele... Say it ain't so

Well I made today's chicken. Not a winner... not so bad I had to throw it down the disposal but no NOM! either. If I had to say thumbs up or thumbs down? I'd just say 'thumb'.

This is how it looked


Is it me, or does it look oddly uncooked?

I'm not sure what the exact problem was but my guesses are:

1. The chicken needed to cook longer in the pan. That two minutes until the skin 'stiffened slightly ( an odd turn of a phrase, I thought), not enough. And I sort of knew it while I was doing it because the chicken did not 'release' when I went to turn it over.

2. Not enough sauce. The directions were to reduce to half-cup but I don't think I had much more than that. And what there was of the sauce was...I don't know...kind of flat. I could taste the mustard...and it was sort of sweet but not in a good way. I didn't get any lemon and it needed lemon.

3. The chicken tasted flat. I thought about salting and peppering before sauteing but I was trying to follow the recipe. It was just blah...

4. The parsley? Oh, it needed something green alright...but something green with a flavor. all in all, not a success but not bad enough to feed the disposal either.

But I still love ya, Michele. I sure would have loved to love the chicken but just keeping it real...


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