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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Much ado about Tea...

I wasn't much into tea. Ever..

I listen to talk radio in my car. Much to the disdain of my family who thinks it's boring...pointless..annoying... But I like having something new to think about. I like hearing people discuss things. I especially like Food Talk with Michael Colemeco and Dr. Joy but I will listen to just about anything if pushed.

One day I heard Mark Ukra, also known as Dr. Tea, on The Joan Hamburg
show and boy is he into tea. His enthusiasm is infectious, even for me... a hard-core coffee drinker.

I had no idea that tea was so good for me... or any of the other things I learned about tea in that few
minutes of interview time.

Did you know that...

...all teas come from just one plant?

I didn't. It's called Camellia sinensis. Yep, doesn't matter if it's green tea or black tea or even oolong tea. If it's tea it's from the same plant. Other things called herbal teas aren't really teas, but tisanes. If it's tea, it's tea. The taste and color differences come from the processing after picking.

... you can decaffeinate your own tea?

I didn't. If you brew caffeinated tea for about a minute, pour out that steeping...add fresh hot water and steep normally you will end up with a cup of tea with most of the caffeine removed.

... drinking black tea is just as good as drinking green tea?

I didn't. I learned that all teas have various antioxidents, phytochemicals, and other assorted good things in different ratios. Green tea gets a lot of press so it's an advertising buzz word in all kinds of products from gum to shampoo to tires (just kidding about the tires). Seems like everything says on the label "NOW WITH GREEN TEA!" But the truth is all tea rocks for your health.

I wanted to know more so I ordered Doctor Teas Book - The Ultimate Tea Diet: Burn Fat and Lose Pounds Fast and Forver. But just to find out more about the health benefits of tea. Not for that bulge accumulating around my... well, around my everything actually.

I even wrote Dr. Tea and and asked if I could get small samples of different teas. I told him I've ordered tea before and it all sounds good when it's being described and when you open the tin it smells like heaven. But after you brew it it tastes like you just brewed a mop. Flat and tasteless... Dr. Tea actually wrote me back and had me call Donald, over at Mr. Tea's store. Donald was very helpful and said he would make up some samples of any kinds I wanted and also made some suggestions. He said he understood that I didn't want to buy a large amount of something I might not like and I ordered small amounts of many teas for and equally small price tag!

Interestingly my absolute favorite tea was one that was suggested to me not one I originally had asked for. Chocolate banana Oh my. What can I say except .... Yummy!

Unless your Rachael Ray in which case you should say Yumm-o!


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