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Friday, April 24, 2009

Meatloaf for picky eaters update

This is an update on my earlier 'what's in my pantry today' post.

First, let me say, I liked it very much. It was a much softer, less dense and much tastier meatloaf than the last one I made. Did it remind me of an imaginary land of great luxury and ease?

Maybe if someone else cooked it and there was actually some imaginary luxury and ease involved.

But I digress.

It came out very pretty. Prettier than the other meatloaf.



It took a bit longer to cook than in the recipe. I used a smaller loaf pan (part of my new pyrex SCORE!) So it took...well, I'm not exactly sure but it reached 169 degrees plus somewhere between the and hour and 15 minutes and when I got the migraine aura and couldn't see anymore.


Oh no. I think I see a potential problem. Do you see it?

Look closer.


You see it now, don't you? I violated Picky Rule # 7
better known as
(No unidentifiable foods (What's that green thing)"

So, did the boy notice? Well, yes and no. I gave it to him on a sandwich.

The boy: Ma, this isn't very good.

Me: Oh? What's wrong.

The boy: It's mushy, tastes like goo and basil.

Me: Dill?

The boy: Dill.

Me: What do mean it tastes gooey?

He walked in and stuck his finger straight through the sandwich and said, See?

Me: Okay than, why don't you just throw it out.

The boy: You don't want me to keep it?

Me: Not with that finger tunnel through it.

The boy: Can I have a ham sandwich?

As far as this being a success? I'd have to say it's a mixed bag. I'm sure it would be for many families because it was really quite good.

And perhaps if I used less soup, more bread crumbs and no dill? But than it would be a whole other recipe, I suppose.


Vonlipi 4/24/09, 10:25 PM  

That was hilarious! Thank you for making me LOL! That exchange was definitely surreal....

tracy 4/25/09, 4:30 AM  

Definitely surreal!lol

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