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Monday, April 20, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Ma, is that hail?

It's rain.

Ma. It's bouncing.

Objects in my rear view ....

And that was the beginning of the end of the boy's driving test this morning.

He's a nervous kid. I kept moving the test farther down the calender hoping for good weather.

For months.

It never occurred to me that my son, who I never let drive in the rain, ( Huge mom-stake) would be in a line at motor vehicles listening to hail hit the car while biting his nails and waiting to take the test for his license.

I'm sure the hail had little to do with his hitting the cone during parallel parking. Or forgetting to signal... But he didn't need that one more thing to occupy his mind.

The test started uneventfully. It seemed to be going well. And than it was over. Silly me. I was all caught up in thinking how much quicker it was than when I took the test.

The, very nice, young, bubbly, blond and friendly driving instructor got out of the car and informed me quite cheerfully "Once he hit the cone we stop testing. You can reschedule in 2 weeks."

The boy is not happy. In fact, he's down-right foul. I didn't even drive him to school after that... I told him he was going to parallel park the rest of them day until he doesn't hit anything.

But at the moment?

He's napping off the experience.

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