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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Inko's Tea - a wonderful addiction

I sit to write this after taking long delicious gulp of my newest addiction. Inko's Tea. Oh my! What a wonderful thing. I love it to pieces!

I found it one day while shopping non-frugally (i.e. - wandering the aisles without a list) and happened upon the delicious flavors and light sweetness. It's remarkably low calorie - something that made me think it was not going to taste very good but wow! Was I wrong.

It's just sweet enough. I grabbed the Honeydew flavor (in the refrigerated section of my local market) because I can't resist anything melon flavored and popped it open in my car. Oh my goodness! It was like a heavenly melon in a cold refreshing gulp. And each serving (half the bottle) has just 28 calories. What else has 28 calories? Lettuce?

And the flavors? Oh yum! Here's the list from the web site:

Mmmm.... juicy!
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Can you say yum?
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Hint O’Mint

Light, refreshing, subtle
and sublime. And 0 calories!
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White Peach
Oh it is just soooo good.
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And still the top dog.
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No infusion confusion here!
This is a totally different taste.
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Cherry Vanilla
Ooh la la...
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We like, we like it a lot.
Especially at 0 calories!
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A little exotic, and very refreshing!
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An all-natural, jitter-free boost...
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I really want to try the cherry vanilla and lychee (and honeysuckle too if truth be told) but my local store doesn't carry those.


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