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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ginger's leg...

Ginger hurt her leg yesterday. I don't know much about Ginger's life before she was 4 years old when we got her. She came to use after living in a a shelter in NJ for a long time. They rescued her from a 72 hour kill shelter in Brooklyn, NY. I always assumed an older person owned her and passed away. And the family just dropped her off at a pound.

The rest of my imagined story goes...

The pound, seeing that she was a pure-bred miniature pinscher (mini pain, as I call her) contacted a breed rescue in NJ. They took her.

This is the 'I know for certain true' part...

She was with them a long time without getting a home. Eventually she found her way, via a neighbor, to us.

But she has her quirks. We got her pretty much 'cooked'. She's never been what I would call house-broken. She goes outside but it's more a timing thing. She was listed as 'paper-trained' on the information we got. If she could talk I think she would say, Peeing outside is for dogs, I pee indoors, with the people.

She's freaked by windy days. By leaves blowing by. By bunnies. But walk her on a city street with fire engines screaming by and she doesn't notice. She's a real city girl, I think.

We walk her with a harness because it's better for her neck but getting her out of it is difficult. She steps into it but throws herself out of the thing. Yesterday in her rush to extricate herself from the harness she fell chest first on the kitchen floor.

Poor thing.


She's limping around today. Not constantly. Just when she gets going. And waits to be taken down off of things... Once she's walking around she's fine. But at the moment she's happy laying on all her many blankets on her crate. Many people think dogs don't like the crates but Ginger loves her crate. She sleeps on it when she's not feeling well. She goes inside the crate when she's scared.

It's her home



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