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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ginger's favorite season..

Ginger's not a big dog. She is around 10 pounds and short-haired. She gets cold. She gets cold a lot. She's cold in the winter and cold in the summer when the air conditioning is on and shivers under the ceiling fans.

And now at 14, I guess she's even colder. I know she's stiffer and doesn't hear or see very well any more.

And her muzzle and paws are no longer golden, but gray.

One thing that hasn't changed is her love of being warm and toasty. She follows sunspots around the house and loves nothing better than to sit outside with the sun beating down on her. I don't do it with her enough because it get's so hot!! But today I took her and we sat in the patio furniture.




I'm warm now.


And happy. Thanks, mom.


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