The Crazy Suburban Mom: Etsy featured seller - Akane

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Etsy featured seller - Akane

How much fun is I like selling and buying!

I had a fun morning at the bookstore reading magazines and indulging in my never ending quest for the perfect organizer/calender/planner... This morning I checked out Moleskine.

But before that I found a new magazine that I liked so much I bought it - Artful Blogging. Very interesting, very artistic... Its a bit heavier on featuring already artful bloggers than it is on furnishing ideas on how to become one... but I liked it.

And I very much enjoyed my bookstore coffee in the Coffee snuggly that I bought at akane's etsy shop.. Although I think she calls it a java jacket...

(ps - she also made the fab fob strap for my keys.)

Fun morning @ the book store


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