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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Community Cookbooks - The good, the bad, and the terribly, terribly, ugly

I love community cookbooks. The older, the weirder, the better.


(pictures are clickable for larger sizes)

I got this one at an Estate Sale a while back and finally sat down to look at it this morning. I don't know how old it is; there is no information about where Sunset Lake is, who those homemakers are (besides names), or when this was complied. But it's been a while. A real while since this book was put together.

First clue is the pages were typed. Not word-processed... You know what I mean? Typed as in an actual one-function no megabyte machine. Second, remember dittos? Long before Xerox... and laser printers...and even those awful dot matrix printers.... there were ditto machines. They produced a purpley-blue printed copy that this book has.

I love this kind of book. Granted, some recipes are painfully dated but usually there is at least one in each book worth the small price these books usually command. None of the recipes have the ...What do they call it on the Food Network?... the sophisticated flavor profile that is considered standard for today's recipes. But you know something? Simple flavor profiles are sometimes best for picky eaters, you can always 'spice' it up, and my lack of cosmetic surgery makes me an unlikely candidate for The Food Network anyway.

As usual I found a few to mark with my Post-it tags.

The good.


See the first one?


Okay, while this might need a bit more...something with regards to taste.... I think this is worth considering. It certainly is easy and perhaps perfect the way it is. It looks like a great pantry meal and if it needs something maybe it's just a little bowl of Bar-B-Q sauce on the side. Hey, did you check out the recipe authors name?


Gotta love it!

Now this one....


No, look closer...


This is the bad. I don't get it. I don't want to get it.

As to the ugly? I have this germ thing... A bad food thing, really. I'm sure it comes from the childhood trauma of eating bad hot dogs. My parents weren't all that good with cleaning out the fridge of old food. Actually, still aren't. A few years ago found green olives in their fridge. The conversation went like this:

Me: Oh wow! You have green olives?

Dad. Uh-huh.

Me: Can I have a few?

Dad: Sure.

I took them out and had a flash-back of my mother saying, "Oh my God, not again." As I threw up for the ninth time after eating hot dogs I'd been so excited to find way, way, WAY back in the fridge, behind an unidentified block of cheese and under a carton of eggs, when I was a kid.

Me: Um. How long have they been in there?

Dad: How long has it been since you lived here?

Clearly I come by my fear of bad food honestly. And sometimes when I read things in old community cookbooks, it rears it's Big-Bang sized head.

This for example...


Okie - dokie. I'll be going to shower now to try to wash away the thought of all the chicken breasts growing salmonella on top of dryers all over suburban NJ.


Mozer 4/26/09, 1:44 PM  

LOL re: Chicken on the dryer. Saying hi from MBC 100's group.

tracy 4/26/09, 4:11 PM  

I know, isnt that the worst? lol and HI! back to you!!! Im following you now :) Cant wait!


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