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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The breakfast nook

Did you ever have a space that wasn't working? And than one day you had an idea to fix it? Well it happened to me the other day. I have an area that is called a breakfast nook although I call it a dining room. It's never been quite right.

There is no where to put extra food dishes, no buffet. There is a lot of wasted space. There isn't enough lighting (There is only a ceiling fixture that I have a fan in, and it's not mid-room.)

The other day in a reorganizing frenzy (Known by my family and the "OMG-moms-moving-the-furniture-around-again-oh-ow-I-just-ran-into....HEY-Whats-that-table-doing-there" frenzy) I put a small table in there and turned the kitchen table side ways. Something I never considered because I didn't think it would fit.

My dining room

Perfect! Now all I need is lighthing!


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