The Crazy Suburban Mom: What's in my pantry for dinner? Pierogies!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's in my pantry for dinner? Pierogies!

I got a giant bag of pierogies at Costco last month and decided to cook them up for dinner with a green salad. I also had some lower fat sour cream, a scallion, and a few fresh herbs I thought I could use up.

Pierogi doesn't always read "dinner" to my family. Even though if you think about it, what could be more filling? Dough...stuffed with potato...and cheese? But for some reason they see it and think side dish.

I'm more of the school that says - Anything that looks pretty enough and is sitting next to a nice, full green salad can be a dinner.

I sauteed some thinly sliced onions in a non-stick pan sprayed with Pam and a bit of butter for flavor until some were brown and crispy and some were just starting to turn. I took the onions out added another spray of Pam (Please, with the burner off!) and another pat of butter and went about making the pierogi pretty and brown.

I took the sour cream I had left and mixed it with the scallion, chopped and half of the herbs (A random mix of flat leaf parsley, dill and tarragon)

When it was time to serve I put them on a plate, added some of the crispy brown onions...and some of the not so brown ones. Next to that I added the sour cream and topped with the reserved random herbs. Voila! Pantry magic!



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