The Crazy Suburban Mom: Ginger in her bed

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ginger in her bed

Ginger is our 14 year old miniature pinscher. We got her when she was 4 and we were her 3 (and final) home. She got bounced around a bit, I suspect, because she doesn't play well with others.

She's been with us for 10 years now and that just goes to show what doesn't work for one family... makes another family.

She's ours and we are hers.


Min Pains (No not a typo!) are fun little dogs that weigh about 10 pounds or under and are sleek (unless you over feed them, then they end up looking like sausages) muscular guys. They can jump surprisingly high! No really. Like bunnies. Things on counters are at risk!


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