The Crazy Suburban Mom: Why is the brillo in a baggie?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why is the brillo in a baggie?



When I have a caked on, schumtzy pan and need a steel wool pad, it bugs me ...


Because I almost never have enough caked on, schumtzy pans at one time to use up the whole pad and all the soap.

If I leave it on the sink waiting for the next pan , it rusts and I have to throw it out anyway (and than clean the rust off the sink). If I saved up the gunky pots and pans, I'd be forever looking at a festering science experiment in my sink. If I just pitch the pad after each use, I'm forever buying them

Now when I have to use one...I use it, rinse it, put it in a baggie, and than put it in the freezer for the next time. I've found I can use them 4...maybe 5 times before they are buy-bye, all gone.

Now if you really want to be frugal - especially if you recycle your aluminum foil and have some clean pre-used specimens around - grab your hard to clean pot and a wad of foil and have at it. The wad of foil works as well as an SOS pad on burned on food. And grills, for that matter. (Of course, not non-stick... but you knew that, right?)


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