The Crazy Suburban Mom: I only buy gross, disgusting food - A story in pictures

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I only buy gross, disgusting food - A story in pictures

Ma, I wanna order pizza.

We have tons of stuff right here.


Check that big, white box in the kitchen.


But we never have anything good.

Just look, please.


I don't see anything.

I didn't hear the door open.


There's nothing in there.
It's all gross. Why don't we
ever have anything good? I STILL
wanna order pizza, Ma.


Vonlipi 4/22/09, 8:36 PM  

LOL! My step daughter was the same way!

parentingBYdummies 4/23/09, 6:34 AM  

Looks like plenty of choices to me. I only buy "helfy stuffs". That's what they think b/c I hide the cookies and the soda in my secret lair (aka the pantry).

tracy 4/23/09, 8:37 AM  

Vanlipi - Arent they all??? lol. okay not all but so many kids are like that...

ParentingBYDummies - OH I think I found your blog yesterday but didn't follow it for some reason. I just did that now :) and I agree with you... there are plenty of things in there. It drives me NUTS!


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